Hat: a new fashion accessory

The look, complemented by a hat, immediately becomes chicer – sometimes it adds mystery, and sometimes a little relaxation. With this accessory, you can create many interesting outfits, but which are the most fashionable? So, as you have guessed, today we will talk about this stylish accessory.

The hat as a type of headdress appeared quite a long time ago. The first mention of it appeared in the last era, but in Europe, they first talked about it during the Thirty Years’ War, in which almost all European countries were involved.

At that time this headdress served as part of a military uniform. So, women never miss the chance to look at any items in men’s wardrobe, and the hat is not an exception. Since then, the couturiers began to produce chic models decorated with various elements. Here are some models:


This model can be considered a classic because its style is made according to all the canons of creating this headdress. As a rule, the hat has a rather stiff crown and soft brim, which can both rise and fall. The headdress is often decorated with a satin ribbon along the lower edge of the crown. Fedora became known thanks to the films about famous gangsters and mafia of the first half of the twentieth century, which appeared on cinema screens and book pages exclusively in this model.


This model is one of the subspecies of the classic fedora, differing from it only in the width of the brims – as a rule, they are very narrow and slightly lowered to the edges. Traditionally, a trilby hat is considered a headdress for attending horse races.


This model was made in a truly English style, passed into the women’s wardrobe at the beginning of the twentieth century, and was immediately liked by many fashionistas. Her elegant style emphasizes the neat lines of the face shape. This is achieved due to the laconic of the model – a tight-fitting crown and narrow brims slightly turned up around the whole diameter.


The strict style is represented by a classic combination of narrow turned-up brims and a crown on which a satin ribbon is located. It allowed this model to become the subject of the business toilet of many businesses and fans of the classic style. 


An amazing model resembling a bell has gained popularity thanks to the incomparable Coco Chanel, who became the trendsetter for this headdress. A cloche hat will help to emphasize femininity in any look, adding elegance and sophistication to it. It is also worth considering that the brim of the hat, which smoothly lowered from the crown, almost completely covers the forehead, making the woman’s look from under her brows a little bold.


The tablet model is a plane cylindrical headdress without a brim, which is worn on the back of the head. Initially, such a hat was an attribute of priests, but thanks to its extraordinary style, it quickly migrated from temples to fashion catwalks.

Panama hat

Panama is a favourite headdress of tourists who do not want their faces to fall under the rays of the sun. Thanks to the wide fields, the shadow completely covers the face, thereby preventing from sunbathing.


In summer it is an irreplaceable headdress that protects against heat. For many outdoor lovers, it is very difficult to do without this item. No matter where you are – on the seashore, in a city, or in the country – be sure to take a hat, because it will not only bring a certain chic and elegance to your style but also help to maintain health.

What about fashion looks?

Hats are a great way to demonstrate your taste and sense of style, but it is important to know how to combine them with other items of clothing. So, here are some variants:

  • A pastel-colored dress combined with a black headdress looks very stylish, and an ensemble with suede boots greatly emphasizes fragility and grace.
  • Practical and stylish look in urban style – jeans, white blouse, black skinny trousers – a great combination for a modern and fashionable girl. Short boots with low heels add mobility and comfort while walking in the city on foot. A stylish Fedora will successfully complete this fashionable look. 
  • A gentle airy beach image – a light sundress in the color of melted milk makes staying on the street on a sunny day very comfortable. Silver sandals on a wedge allow you to walk without problems both on the sand and on the sidewalk. A wide-brimmed headdress, coupled with sunglasses, will reliably protect your face from the hot rays of the sun.
  • An eccentric and fashionable total black look in which everything is in its place. Black glasses and a hat, a cropped top, and trousers with a high waist – such an ensemble cannot fail to attract the enthusiastic glances of others.


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