Amazing Modern Toilet Restaurant That Serves Food On Miniature Toilets

“Modern Toilet Restaurant”

We all love to visit restaurants. Restaurants are of many kinds based on the different themes – Harry Potter, only pink, evil look, Game of Thrones, retro, superhero (Avengers), ghost, etc. But there is a unique bathroom-themed restaurant in Tibet named ‘Modern Toilet restaurant’ that serves food, dishes, drinks, snacks on miniature toilets. Isn’t that so pewee!
The first Modern Toilet restaurant was opened in 2004 in Tibet. Many people liked the concept of a miniature toilet, and soon it became famous. Due to its growing success, the owner decided to open up 12 restaurant at different locations in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, and Japan, with plans to expand into Malaysia. Wang Tzi-Wei owns the restaurant. After the immense success of his ice cream shop that sold swirl scoops served in mini toilets.
Also, Taiwan has the tradition to host restaurants with unusual themes like jailhouse and hospitals. Then, you make your way towards glitzy bathroom universe.

modern toilet restaurant taiwan

Bizarre Concept of Toilet

Modern toilets are located in crowded and popular shopping district Ximending, Taipei. You will be greeted by a bright gold-colored, dung-shaped character before you enter into the dining areas.

bizarre concept of toilet

Diners are served on toilet-shaped seats and eatables at tables made by putting glass over the top of a bathtub. If you want a napkin, then grab one from the toilet roll dispenser on the wall. The idea is somewhat amazing.

toilet themed restaurant

Drinks are served in glasses. Those glasses are shaped like urinals. You can take the urinals to your home! There are also poo-shaped, chocolate-flavored buns.

Perfect meals like hot pots and curries are served in miniature plastic toilet bowls. Dessert is also served in toilet-shaped bowls.

dining in toilet pots

Specialities in Modern Toilet

Modern Toilet serves desserts that include “diarrhea with dried droppings, that is, chocolate ice cream, “bloody poop,” that is, strawberry ice cream, and “green dysentery,” that is kiwi-flavored ice cream (green in color). They also offer ginormous shaved ice dessert which is smothered with strange toppings to fit their unbelievably unappetizing names. It comes in a squat toilet-shaped bowl. 

specialities in modern toilet

Interiors are also arranged to give you a feel for your bathroom or toilet. The walls are adorned with colorful shower heads, while plungers hang from the ceiling along with feces – shaped lights. While dining, customers sit on acrylic toilets adorned with “roses, seashells or renaissance paintings.” The chairs are made upon actual unworking toilets, and dishes are served on plastic miniature toilet bowls and drinks in miniature urinals. So, you will get a completely different feel here.

restaurant in taiwan

So, next time if you are planning to visit a restaurant then do make the exotic ‘ Modern Toilet’ to your list. Hope you enjoy and make memories there!

Happy reading!

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