Why an Aluminum Checker Plate Box is Essential for your UTE

Driving a UTE gives you the chance to know what other people are missing. It’s a special kind of pleasure to own this kind of vehicle. It’s not only taking you places that other cars won’t, but it’s more than just an ordinary transportation device. It’s there when you most need it.

Most UTE owners will always find ways to improve their UTEs. One of the ways to improve your utility vehicle is to install a checker plate box in the rear tray and make it more valuable than before. These boxes are made for storing just about anything you may think of.

In this article, we’re talking more about why checker plate boxes should be a priority for you when you’re thinking about improving and upgrading your UTE. We will discuss their benefits and positive sides. Read on if you want to know more about this subject.

Aluminum is the perfect material for a toolbox

The best material for mobile toolboxes is, without a doubt – aluminum. The two other materials that are also frequently used are steel and titanium; however, aluminum has the best features and is the better option.

Steel is too heavy and will rust after time, while titanium is even lighter than aluminum but comes with a much higher price making it unaffordable. That’s why most people get aluminum boxes – they are lightweight, highly durable, and much more affordable than titanium.

A checker plate box looks amazing

Check plate finish looks fantastic. It usually comes in the traditional aluminum color but with the details that make it look spectacular. When you install one or more of these in the back of your vehicle, you can expect to change the overall look of your UTE by 100%.

The checker plate is the favorite finish for many people who enjoy vehicles and mechanics. There’s something about it that makes you feel good. With many options available to choose from, you can spend hours thinking about what works best for you and what to order from the manufacturer.

The benefits of having a toolbox are many

If you’re wondering why you would want a toolbox in the back of your car, you should know that this is something that everyone should have if they are using their UTE for more than just transporting themselves from one place to another.

If you’re using your car for work, traveling in nature, camping, or something similar, you need to pack many belongings in the vehicle. That means your trunk often won’t be enough, and you need something more.

Working as a contractor, for example, means you need to keep your tools and items used for work in an unreachable place. Some of them are highly expensive, and you can’t allow someone to take them away when you’re not looking.

Additionally, the weather may pose a severe threat. Rain, hail, and snow can seriously damage the items that you usually throw in the back of your UTE. When you install the toolbox, you’ll have a place for them without worrying about the weather and running to save them when sudden rain starts pouring.

An abundance of options available

When you go to a company that provides checker plate toolboxes, you’ll see many different options available. Some will be amazing, while others won’t catch your attention too much. Choosing one from the offer is what you need to do next.

The company providing and installing them will have many options available, but you still may not find what you want. If you can’t find anything, you should ask them to provide a custom-made toolbox. This way, you can explain in detail what you’re looking for, share the dimensions of the rear tray, and get one made under your specific guidance that will fit and look ideally.

Never again worry about the safety of your items

When you have a checker plate toolbox in the back of your UTE, you will never again think about what you can or cannot take with you on the trip. These boxes come with a lock that can’t break, and the box’s material is also unbreakable, at least quickly.

We already talked about the weather and the inability to have what you stored damaged. That makes it impossible to be opened and makes your belongings safe inside. If a thief wants to break the toolbox, they’ll need special tools, which will surely draw a lot of attention.


As you can see, one of the best things to do if you want to see your UTE upgraded is to install a toolbox in the back. The custom-made aluminum checker plate boxes are probably the best option you can think of. Read about its benefits above, and don’t hesitate to call the best company providing them in your area.

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