Trip to the mountains: how to prepare?

Hiking in the mountains is a wonderful kind of outdoor activity. It immerses you in the world of inspiring landscapes, gives you a great mood and unforgettable impressions. However, this kind of pleasure needs preparing a wardrobe in advance as the climatic features of the area are very different. So, how to prepare for this rest? We are going to talk about it in this article.

1. Shoes 

Shoes on a mountain hike are the most important part of the wardrobe, so you need to choose them with special care. Water resistance, drying speed and reliability are the main criteria to be concerned about. Remember that shoes should not be tight: you should be able to put on extra warm socks. By the way, if you bought new shoes, you need to properly carry them before you go hiking. Here are some attitude models:

Hiking sandals or cloth sneakers 

These shoes will be a good variant if your trip involves short summer walks on plain areas or on mountain trails with smooth paths. Such sandals, as a rule, have a design consisting of a rigid sole with protectors. These shoes can also be used for longer hikes, but as replacement shoes in the place to stop. By the way, light fabric sneakers can serve as an alternative to them. 

Trekking sneakers 

The advantage of these shoes is that they are quite light but perfectly protect the foot. It is more convenient to walk in them on inclined surfaces, as they hold the ankle better. Most trekking sneakers are made with a rubberized toe to protect the foot from sharp branches and stones. 


Trekking boots for difficult hikes with serious loads are made of high-tech materials. The upper part of the shoe usually consists of leather, which allows you to fix the ankle tightly. The fewer seams, the more durable the shoes. The sole is made of rubber, that almost does not bend — this is necessary that the legs get tired less. In the models of shoes for the most difficult path, metal or plastic arch supports are installed in the sole. For convenience when walking, the sole has a curved shape, allowing the foot to roll easily from heel to toe. 

2. A windbreaker jacket 

Such a jacket will be needed to protect against wind and rain. Therefore, it is better to focus on a model made of waterproof membrane fabric, but in extreme cases, a jacket made of ordinary water-repellent fabric will also work. It is pleasant to the touch and will protect you well from the wind.

3. Thermal underwear 

Many are mistaken, believing that thermal underwear is necessary only for winter holidays. In summer in the mountains, thermal underwear is an indispensable thing. At low temperatures, it will warm, and in the warm season, it will help to maintain normal body temperature and remove sweat.  Be sure to bring two sets with you so that you can always change clothes. By the way, choose thermal underwear with a minimum number of seams. 

4. Trousers 

For mountain trips, the ideal option is windproof and water-repellent trousers made of synthetic fabric, cotton trousers are a great variant for hiking in the forest. It is convenient if the trousers have longitudinal zippers, as they are easy to put on and take off without taking off your shoes. If you want to take shorts on a hike, then it is better to wear them only with gaiters. This will protect your feet from scratches and the sun’s rays. 

5. A down vest 

A down vest is an indispensable thing in case of a sudden cold snap or wind. In addition, the down vest is lightweight and compact. An alternative may be a thin down jacket, which can always be worn under a cardigan.

6. Jacket 

It is better not to take heavy wool sweaters on a hike – the best option is a fleece jacket. It will perfectly protect from cold and wind, and if will get wet, it will dry quickly in the sun.

7. Hat 

For hiking in the mountains, you need to stock up on two hats: for protection from the cold and from the sun. During the heat, the ideal model of a headdress is a light hat. Pay attention that it is attached to the strap under the chin, then it will not be afraid of the wind. This hat will perfectly protect from the sun not only the face but also the neck and ears. Do not forget that high in the mountains, where there is snow and a cold wind blows, you will need a warm hat made of wool or fleece.

8. Underwear and socks

Underwear and socks are probably the only things in a trekking wardrobe that can be made of cotton. Pay attention also to socks made of fine wool.

Have a good trip!

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