10 Ways to Make a Basic White T-shirt a part of your OOTD

Our wardrobes might be filled with extravagant fancy pieces, but nothing can beat a classic white t-shirt. It is a wardrobe staple, a must-have for everyone, gender barred. The outfit possibilities including your white t-shirt are endless. You can go from casual to sophisticate to fancy, by just mixing and matching a few items. I seriously couldn’t get through my sartorial life without the affordable basic. In fact, I basically consider it my wardrobe lifesaver because it works with just about anything in my closet and instantly gives any look that much-desired “cool” vibe, without fail.

We have struggled with the perfect OOTDs for our Instagram. And this classic brings us a very easy yet put together outfit. We bring ten different ways to rock those white tees with just almost anything. Happy reading!

10 Ways to Make a Basic White T-shirt a part of your OOTD

1. White t-shirt + Black skinny jeans

Bring two classics together and voila, casual yet edgy! A plain white tee with classic black skinny jeans is the most effortless outfit for the days you are late. You can accessorize the ensemble, with a printed silk scarf and round sunglasses. This ootd will make you look put together, but behind the scenes, will be effortless.

Black jeans and white tees can also be your go-to on a casual outing, throw in a crossbody bag, and you’re good to go.

2. White tee + white bottoms

What is fancier than an all-white look? An all-white ensemble is a way to go for all seasons; be it the sultry heat, the breezy spring, the warm fall, or the cold winter. Tuck your favorite white tee with a white skirt, or a pair of white trousers or even your white jeans. To bury the monotone look, you can add a brown belt to your outfit. For brunch with friends or even for a day out, pair it with white high-waisted shorts.  

Finish your ootd with some sandals, if you’re going with the skirt. A pair of flats would look more relaxed with white trousers. You can also swap the sandals with a couple of heels top make the outfit fancier, and evening wear.  Who said a white t-shirt couldn’t be business casual? Choose pieces with clean lines and structure to complement your top, like a blazer and high-waisted denim. Slip into loafers to complete this office-ready ensemble.

3. White t-shirt + High waisted skirts

High waisted skirts go with almost anything. And so do white tees. Pair them up together for a perfect brunch ootd. You can give the outfit a 90’s retro feel, by adding a camel leather jacket, with a denim high waisted skirt. Accessorize the attire with some heart-shaped sunglasses. Remember this outfit when it’s slightly warmer, combining the T-shirt with a pastel skirt.

For footwear, you can opt for either some sandals or some boots. Either will go well the ensemble.

4. White tee + Bralette + Relaxed Jeans

 Along with your oversized t-shirt, throw over a black bralette, and pair it with relaxed, comfy jeans. Looking sexy has never been more comfortable. Wear short heels with the perfect date outfit. The perfect way to look put together, without making it seem overdone. And you’re good to go.  

5. Extra Layers + White Top wear

Layer your t-shirt with an interesting tank top, giving an extra dimension to your outfit. The extra layer will transform your casual ootd, to a preppy look.

Another fancy way to layer your outfit is by adding a cute cardigan with your t-shirt and jeans. You can add a pair of white shoes, and you’re ready to go out for any event!

6. Go classic with Denims

Denim is a classic look to go with your t-shirt. The most basic and laid back look for a comfy and long outing. Tuck it into your skinny jeans, and for a more put-together look, throw over a denim jacket. And voila your outfit is ready to shine! You can also pair your look with some colorful booties.

For a more laid back look, you can go with some boyfriend jeans and iconic white sneakers. To complete the look add in leather tote. And hair into a half-bun.

The outfit goes well with some wide-legged jeans as well, but with this look layer it with a trench coat.

7. White t-shirt + Overalls

White t-shirt goes very well with denim overalls or dungarees. For a sporty day out, you can also go for this safe option. The t-shirt also goes with comfortable camel or black colored overalls.  

8. Leather + White tee

Leather jackets are the go-to for some badass look. Take your white tee out on a date night. Pair it with some leather pants and a leather jacket. Accessorize it with statement jewelry, making it a perfect date night attire.   

9. Blazers + White t-shirt

For a more sophisticated yet comfortable work look, wear a blazer over your white t-shirt. Add a bold blazer with some vibrant pants, and an eye-catching bag.

A tailored suit and scarf also go well with the white tee. The ensemble can later be used for after-work drinks as well! For a more casual look a plaid blazer, over some casual jeans and nude heels works well for a Friday. But for a higher yet comfy concept, exchange your nude heels with some loafers.

10. White tee + Printed Bottoms

Classic t-shirts go well with printed bottoms. A solid color works best with some printed bottoms. With some leopard pants and sneakers, keep it casual. You can also try the outfit with an on-trend animal print skirt and booties. You’ll turn heads instantly!  

Everyone with a knack for the trendiest outfits agrees. For what seems like forever, a classic white t-shirt has become the foundation for an elevated, fancy yet laid-back casual look. We have come to the rescue, for using this basic yet favorite outfit from your wardrobe. And helped in transforming it into a perfect ootd. You can pair your tee with almost anything, be it high-waisted bottoms, skinny jeans, or a suit and booties for work!

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