10 Easy Ways To Click Instagram Worthy Photos

When Instagram came into existence in 2010, things were a lot different from the present time. All those grainy and blurry photos are now history. Smartphones have been upgraded immensely, and so are the cameras! All thanks to significant developments in technology.

Not everyone wants to carry a bulky DSLR, while almost everyone has a smartphone to click photos on every occasion. And there isn’t any doubt that today’s photography has reached a pretty long ahead. While Instagram has become the most favorite across the world, people use to click photos all the time. If you want to level up your mobile photography skills for your brand or as an influencer, or just for your personal interest, this is article is certainly for you.

10 Easy Ways To Click Instagram Worthy Photos

1. Natural Light

Lighting plays an important role in your photography task. Usually, you spend most of your time in your workspace with lots of artificial LED lights. Always find natural indirect sunlight while taking pictures. Too much direct light can wash out the subject. Here are few points to remember for Instagram worthy photos:

  • For outdoor photography, check out for the day when the sky is full of fluffy clouds to give a perfect touch to your clicks.
  • If you want an indoor photoshoot, pick a well-lit window corner.
  • If it is nighttime, keep the light a little, and it will give the best aesthetic to your photoshoot.

2. Turn On The Grid

The next step for enhancing your Instagram, turn on the grid feature available on your smartphone. It gives your photo the perfect composition. Grid feature divides the frame of your pictures using four lines and nine squares, which run horizontally and vertically along with the screen. It is a helpful feature, especially if you are fond of nature photography.

3. Don’t Over-edit

Instagram has a hand full of filters that you can surely use. There are lots of editing tools available on Andriod and iPhone. But overdoing the editing may look wrong. Just a little bit of touch-up with the lighting and adjusting the contrast will give your photos a better exposure but don’t overdo it. Focus on clicking better photos on your phone and give it a little bit of filter touch to keep it authentic.

4. Try Burst Shots

If you want to level up your photography game with Instagram worthy photos, you should use the burst shot feature. It is the best way to get the action shots, especially when capturing an ongoing event. You can’t just take one or two photos. Use continuous burst mode to capture multiple images in a short amount of time. And you can sort out the best one.

5. Find The Depth of Field

Including more layers and creativity in your photography is another amazing trick. It is pretty simple to take direct and focused images. But photos with patterns or objects in the background and the foreground are pretty interesting because they offer more depth. The ‘depth of field’ is a feature available on every smartphone, making the image slightly blurry and making the subject stand out.

6. Find Appealing Background

Most people don’t care about the background while they take photos. But sometimes the backgrounds are as important as the subject. It gives a lovely addition to your photoshoot and hence, Instagram worthy photos. Discover the appealing background that provides a pop-up to your photos.

Sky, plants, greens, floral, painting, metalling surface, blurred background, anything with the vibrant color combination. These are some of the suggestions that will upgrade your phone photography skills.

7. Turn Off The HDR

HDR (High Dynamic Range) is a feature most professionals use, but it is probably not a perfect idea for a beginner. HDR feature clicks photos in higher exposures, and that will take you some time to learn. That is why we would suggest you turn off the HDR mode while clicking pictures for Instagram.

8. Check The Symmetry

A perfect symmetry gives pleasure to the eyes. Symmetrical composition is an easy yet appealing way of boosting your photography talent. The symmetrical composition of any simple photo can make it look extraordinary. The vertical and horizontal balances are the main two things to focus on while taking a shot.

9. Capture The Candid

Sometimes you don’t need to be working too much to get Instagram worthy photos. You can take out your phone and start clicking candid photos around you. That will definitely bring out some of the best photos. Sometimes a blurry shot gives an artistic touch to your photography.

10. Get Creative

If you want to stand out with your phone photography skills, don’t let creativity die. Always try different angles, poses, backgrounds, and compositions. Do not follow the same trend Instagram is already loaded with. Creativity will always lead you to get uniqueness and legitimacy in your photography.

Now that you have found out how to click Instagram-worthy photos on your phone try these out and improve your phone photography skills. And don’t shy away from being a little quirky and creative. All the best!

Darsh Patel

Darsh Patel an Indian writer Living in Mumbai. Started this blog in 2017. I am the owner of this and many other blogs.

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