15 Fascinating Animal Facts That Will Blow Your Mind!

Animals are curious creatures. They’ve never failed to amaze us with their habits and characteristics. Here is a list of some astonishing animal facts that will definitely make your day better.

15 Fascinating Animal Facts That Will Blow Your Mind!

1. Rhinos Have Poor Vision

A rhino
source: awsassets

Rhinos possess weak eyesight and are unable to see a motionless person from a distance of 30 meters. They rely on their incredible sense of smell for food hunting.

2. Sharks Have A Strong Sixth Sense

Shark under water.
source: thescientist.com

Fun animal facts No. 2 featuring Sharks- With the help of their sixth sense sharks hunt their prey during the final phase of any attack. On the snots of a shark, the ‘Ampullae of Lorenzini’ is found. With this, they can sense the electric fields the marine animals emits in the surrounding water.

3. Turtles Do Not Have Teeth

Turtle with fruit
source: imgur.com

This may seem like one of the more obvious animal facts, but turtles make use of their beak-like mouth to grasp food. Their beak is made up of protein named keratin. It is the same stuff human fingernails are made up of! Isn’t that awesome?!

4. Jaguars Are Excellent Swimmers

source: twimg.com

Jaguars love being in the water and are most often found living near rivers, wetlands, and lakes. They are great swimmers and can cross large rivers or water bodies easily.

5. Rhinos Love Mud And Some Are Good Swimmers

Rhino in water.
source: staticflickr.com

Rhinos are huge and often feel hot because of their thick skin. Hence rolling in mud makes them feel cool. It also helps them get rid of any parasites. Asian rhinos are good swimmers and can easily cross long rivers. African rhinos however, aren’t great at swimming and can drown if they enter deep waters.

6. Pangolins Are The Most Trafficked Animals In The World

Pangolins Are The Most Trafficked Animals In The World
source: bornfree.org.uk

This is one of the animal facts that may evoke mixed feelings of morality- Local consumers highly price pangolins in China and Vietnam for their scales and meat. The pangolin meat is considered a delicacy and the scales are used for traditional Chinese medicine. These medicines are claimed to be highly effective for people who suffer from arthritis, asthma, and rheumatism.

7. Dolphins Like To Blow Bubbles For Their Prey

Animal facts : Dolphins are friendly underwater animals.
source: flickr.com

Here is one of the animal facts that will make you raise your eyebrows in interest! Dolphins use the technique of making bubbles to hunt their prey. They also use another technique called fish whacking. Here, they use their tail to stun and hit the fish, this makes the fish weak and easy to catch.

8. Elephants Communicate Through Vibrations

Elephant tusks.
source: natureconservancy

Elephants can communicate in many ways like trumpet calls, touch, scent, and body language. But they can also communicate through seismic signals. Seismic signals are sounds that create vibrations in the ground which the elephants can detect through their bones.

9. Pandas Spend Most Of Their Day Eating

eating Panda
source: science

This is one of the animal facts that I’m sure most of us relate to: Pandas love to eat. The bigger and older Pandas eat around 10-16 hours a day. Their favourite food is bamboo. It is believed that Pandas need at least 2 different species of bamboo to avoid starvation. Pandas are mostly vegetarian but at times they do enjoy eating small animals and eggs. Other food items they enjoy eating are wheat, kidney beans, carrion, and pumpkin.

10. Dolphins Are The Most Friendly Marine Animals

friendly Dolphin
source: awesomeocean.com

Animal facts that will make you go “awwww”? Check.

Dolphins have the most unique and elaborate acoustic abilities. They can make so many sounds that include clicks, squawks, barks, groans, moans, squeaks, whistles, and yelps. They love to jump and show their unique abilities when they are in a good mood.

11. Elephants Can Never Forget

elephant in grassland
source: animals.com

The temporal lobe which is the part of the brain associated with memory in elephants is larger than in human beings. Hence it is believed that this can be a reason why elephants have extraordinary memory.

12. Polar Bears Aren’t Great Hunters

polar bear
source: hakaimagazine.com

Polar bears aren’t great hunters as most of their life is spent searching for food. They mainly hunt for seals, eggs, and small mammals.

13. Polar Bears are Black in reality

Polar bear in ice
source: briflynews.com

The fur of Polar bears is translucent. It appears white because it reflects the visible light. They have jet black skin underneath the thick fur, that protects them from harsh cold weather.   

14. Snow Leopards Cannot Roar

Snow Leopard
source: neoaiscap.com

Unlike other leopards, Snow Leopards cannot roar. They have a main call that is described as ‘piercing yowl’. This sound is very low and is used by them to call each other.

15. Pandas Poop A Lot

Smiling panda
source: bloximages.com

It is believed that on average a Panda poops around 40 times in a day. The obvious reason is that they eat too much. Sometimes, they eat and poop at the same time. 🙂

To Conclude

These animal facts are sure to brighten your day up AND get you thinking!

Do you know any weird animal facts? Put them down in the comments below.

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