Did you know about Pogonophobia: the fear of beards?

Pogonophobia means an exceptional dread or aversion of facial hair. The word is derived from Greek pogon i.e., beard and phobos i.e., fear. This fear may appear to be senseless to individuals who don’t encounter it. Yet for a great many sufferers overall it is an undeniable dread. It can regularly influence their emotional wellness and prosperity. Pogonophobia makes you feel scared about and the men with beard. Its opposite is Pogonophilia, a love of beards or bearded persons. Sufferers tend to think that bearded men come from unhygienic places or they are not having access to materials for cleaning and shaving

The levels of pogonophobia resemble some other fear.  They will be diverse for every person. For instance, You are open to taking a gander at pictures of individuals with facial hair. You can also easily converse with them. However, you can’t stand excessively close. And you turn out to be exceptionally awkward when they endeavor to reach you.

The true reasons for pogonophobia are obscure.  However, a few things could add to a man’s abhorrence of facial hair. These include:

  • A  horrendous past involvement with a bearded individual.
  • Partner facial hair with an ailment or being unclean.
  • Unjustifiable generalizations about individuals with facial hair.
  • Misconception social standards that expect individuals to develop facial hair.
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  • Medicinal conditions can likewise prompt a condition of pogonophobia.
  • Conditions of sadness or mishandle can likewise prompt pogonophobia.
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  • Genetic and hereditary factors.
  • Wellbeing concerns.
  • Upbringings.
  • Some of the symptoms are:

    1. Feeling on edge and sickened is a side effect of pogonophobia.
  • Heart palpitations can be an indication of this phobia.
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  • Shortness of breath is found.
  • Excessive sweating may also lead to this phobia.
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  • Trembling is likewise observed.
  • Nausea.
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  • Inability to articulate properly.
  • Avoidance Behaviour.
  • Dry mouth.
  • Irritability
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    Physiotherapy and talk treatment are extraordinary compared to other medicines for pogonophobia. The motive is to clarify the sufferers about the facial hair. It also elucidates them why it is kept. This can get the individual into the ordinary state.

    Medicines are recommended. However, pharmaceuticals can have reactions. It is likewise vital to take note of that pharmaceuticals don’t cure fears.  In the best scenario, they just incidentally smother the frameworks. There are medicines for fears. It incorporates advising, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.


    Working people may confront numerous monetary effects because of Pogonophobia. Their fear implies they can’t give the best in their vocation. They can’t focus on unshaven associates.  Because of which they may need to pass advancements. They may have to lose experience. Factually; inquire has demonstrated that particular fears like Pogonophobia can cost people a huge number of dollars in a lifetime.

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