5 Themed Party Outfits Ideas

Not all of us have the time, money or motivation to look like Instagram models every day. But sometimes, some special occasions come by, or we may want to spruce up our fashion game. Themed outfits are an amazing way to make you stand out in the most stylish way possible. You might be thinking of extravagant Halloween costumes, but I am talking about something more subtle and simple. You can select themes according to your clothes and preferences, and you can also organise your closet while you are at it.  Here are some simple ideas that can help you start off with the trend of themed outfits.

5 Themed Party Outfits Ideas

1. Space Themed Clothing

space themed clothing
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Who doesn’t love some stardust magic? Get some cartoonish, printed hoodies of the stars and the moon for a simple, casual look. If you want something funkier, get a glittery skater skirt and pair it with a black blouse. Or get your hands (or rather legs) on some galaxy pants and get out for a night of fun. The main point you have to keep in mind with this theme is a balance. You don’t want to overdo it to look positively alien. Black acts as an excellent base for adjusting space-themed clothing. So keep your top or bottom black, or if you go for a dress, the shoes. If you want to be more subtle, try some simple space accessories- a pendant of the moon, or a solar system necklace perhaps, over some simple clothing.

2. Pastel and Pastel Punk

pastel and pastel punk
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The palette was invented when colours met clouds; pastel is a must-try during the summers and monsoons. Composed of lighter versions of solid colours, a pastel themed outfit is a fail-safe plan for a summery day outside. As a bonus, all of your pictures will look amazing. Flowery, flowing clothes look best under this theme. But if you don’t want to be all goody two-shoes, how about mixing it up? Throw in some edgy black items, such as black stockings or a biker jacket, and transform the bright pastel into a grungy colour punk. Be sure to look in the mirror when you experiment with pastel or pastel punk. Matching various items can be a little tricky, but the result will totally be worth it.

 3. Steampunk

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A sub-genre of the Victorian Gothic literature, steampunk is a mine house of edgy fashion. While most of its outfits are full-blown costumes, there are plenty of fabulous accessories available online, which can act as a good base for this theme. Focus on brown and grey for bottoms and tops, and red, black and purple for dresses. Gold and industrial accessories, pocket watches, corsets and boots can complete the look. Such an out of line theme may not be everybody’s cup of tea, though. For those who want to incorporate it this look into their style more subtly, I suggest investing in some signature pieces – a key-shaped necklace, a pocket watch, or a mechanical brooch. These can allow you to indulge in some other-world fantasies without making you over conscious about your look.

4. Nerdy

nerdy theme
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Represent your fandom with your clothing, and get the perfect excuse for buying merchandise. The nerd theme can be played in two ways. The first would be to incorporate your favourite character’s outfit into your wardrobe. Emma Swan’s red leather jacket, the Winchesters’ flannel, or Sherlock’s scarf, can all be worn with your clothes to give you some fandom feels. The other, of course, is to wear the merchandise. Graphic tees, Harry Potter sweaters, and Van Gogh conversations are all great ways of letting your nerdy side show through your style. Just be careful not to let it overflow. I know you love all your fandoms equally, but try not mixing them. Instead, let them all stand out on their own.

5. Corporate or Formal

corporate formal
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There will be several instances in your lifetime where the situation will call for proper, formal business wear. For such situations, it is better to have some themed outfits planned. Depending on the occasion, you can go for jeans and a blazer, to a skirt with a jacket combo. In-office and formal wear, what matters most is the structure. The clothing should always be well-fitting but not too tight. Good power dressing is necessary for situations where first impressions matter a lot. Make sure to have some classics such as black and navy blue, but also some more casual pieces for the more informal meetings. An important point to remember is the shoes; make sure they match well with the outfit. A watch will always be a useful accessory.

The whole idea behind these themes is to give you some focal points around which you can organise your clothes and accessories. It can make it easy for you to decide on clothes for various occasions, and ensure that you have some effortless style on the go. But, don’t get constrained by the themes. Mix and match continuously to create new styles with the same pieces, and in the end, wear whatever makes you feel good.

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