Dog Bucket List: Fun Activities to Do with Your Four-Legged Pet

Dogs enter our life as goofy company who like belly rubs and chasing after balls. For the majority of owners, they are family members and trusted companions in almost everything. But if you are looking for more ways to bond with your pooch, make a dog bucket list. Have a look at these 8 fun family activities to do with your four-legged pet and make all of your lives more fulfilling.

1. Have a vacation together

Going on vacation together with your dog is very common today. There are many pet-friendly hotels all over the world, although you have to follow some regulations before your pooch can enter a foreign country. However, this is a good reason to discover the wonders of your own country and to do it together with your furry companion. This way you won’t have to worry where to keep your dog and have even more extraordinary moments on your family vacation.

2. Take them kayaking

Kayaking is a great opportunity to make your dog feel like royalty. After all, you are the one who would do the rowing while they will sit comfortably and admire the water. If your dog loves water, this is a nice way to take them swimming and at the same time enjoy the magnificence of nature. Just make sure both your family and your dog wear life jackets at all times no matter how good swimmers you all are. It will give you one worry less and help you have a good time without stressing over accidents. 

3. Have a meal together

3.     Have a meal together
Image credit: HoneyKids Asia

You already know what food your dog can and can’t eat, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a meal together. Prepare their favorite meal and give them a place at the table or eat together in the living room for a more casual setting. Check if your area has restaurants that also serve dogs. This trend is slowly starting to pick up all over the world and soon enough fine dining with your pooch will be everywhere.

4. Play in the snow

Most dogs love snow. They will row it, jump on it and get ridiculously cute by trying to understand what it is. You and your family can join in on this by playing in the snow with your dog and having them chase you around. However, don’t throw snowballs at them since they may see it as a sign that you are punishing them. There are plenty of other ways to have fun, like playing a game of fetch with said snowballs or rolling in the snow with your pooch.

5.  Organize a birthday party for your pooch

5.  Organize a birthday party for your pooch
Image credit: Pompano pet lodge

Dogs should also have friends and hang with their kind. Usually, you would spend time in the doggy park but one of the best occasions to have a play day is their birthday. Invite their doggy friends for a party full of treats, toys and fun activities like fetching and jumping over ramps. But also, invite your human friends as well, since dogs like having people’s attention especially if they scratch them behind ears.

6. Go on a hiking adventure

6.     Go on a hiking adventure
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Every dog likes to go for walks and investigate the neighborhood, but if you have a big dog like retriever you need to give them some extra exercise like hiking. Have a look at recommendations on the Totally Goldens website or any other breed-specific you need to prepare your furry friend for this adventure. Nature is full of wonders for your dog and they will have fun roaming around, getting dirty and jumping over obstacles. However, make sure they wear insect repellents and are good at listening to your commands to avoid any mishaps and discomforts.  

7. Dress up for holidays

The holiday season is a fun time for everyone, and that includes the dogs. This is the time when the whole family is at home and they can spend more time with you. But the holiday season is also a great opportunity to dress up with your dog in something like matching reindeer sweaters for Christmas. However, one holiday brings more fun than others and that’s Halloween, when you can team up to wear the best costume in the neighborhood.

8. Go on a road trip

8.     Go on a road trip
Image credit: Canna-pet

A road trip is the ultimate plan for the whole family since it brings you closer together and takes you places you wouldn’t see on usual travels. This is also a perfect way to bring your dog with you and take them to see wonderful landscapes and nature. Going on a road trip is dog-friendly in many ways since you will make frequent stops to see places and also spend time in the open. And the latter is a dog’s favorite way to explore the world.


A dog bucket list can include anything you want to share with your dog. These are only some of the fun family activities to do with your canine and there are many more to look forward to. Maybe some of those ideas will come directly from your dog as well.

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