Enjoying Monsoon While Staying Indoors!

Monsoon has arrived with its freshness.

We wait eagerly for the monsoon to come and the drops of water to refresh our mind. We plan trekking, hiking and explore great spots. But some people like to stay indoors and enjoy the cozy weather with a warm cup of coffee, their favorite tv shows, and books.

So for those people who cannot go for an outing this monsoon, here are few interesting and amazing activities you can do by staying at home alone or with your friends and family and at the same time enjoy the rain.

Fritters with tea

Potluck parties is a good idea this Monsoon. All that you have to do is call your friends, make french fries and tea, sit, eat and enjoy the lovely weather with your friends and family. And also enjoy the pitter-patter of the rain.

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Writing and Painting

This is for all you artists out there..!! The cool weather freshens up your mind making it more active and creative. Hence, one can enjoy this weather by penning down a story, a poem or a Shayari or sit by the window and paint. It is the time to let your artistic side dominate.


Monsoon is the perfect weather wherein you can have yummy baked cake with chocolate sauce over it and the best part is that you can bake a cake at home. This has 2 benefits. Firstly you will enjoy it. Secondly, you can surprise your better half with a romantic evening with this cake.

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Indoor Games

This is the best part of monsoon to refresh your old childhood memories and have fun. You can bring them back by playing indoor games like cards, Uno, snakes and ladders, carom etc on a rainy day or play antakshari with friends.

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Music, Guitar & Karaoke

This awesome combination will just make your day perfect. What can be better than listening to music or taking your guitar and singing songs for your beloved in this romantic weather? Also, a Karaoke Night adds the cherry on the cake.

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Home Gardening

During monsoons, the scenic beauty is mesmerizing so you can create your own beautiful corner too. You can probably get some stones and paint them and make designs or trim your plants or make hand-made buckets and grow plants on a rainy day. This will get you in a good mood and your gardening work for the next day would also be done. Seeing those beautiful plants will always bring a smile on your face.


Well, during the normal college life and office hours, one crib of not having time for personal pampering. So, this is, in fact, something to get happy about by staying home on a rainy day. You can make a home-made scrub for yourself or else deep-condition your hair and relax.

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So what are you waiting for?? Try out these fun activities this monsoon and enjoy the rain with your loved ones..!!!

Happy Monsoon!

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