Your Bad Day Follows A Mechanism, Here’s How To Avoid One

Ever wondered why a series of bad incidents follow you one after the other? One thing goes wrong and then a chain of mishappenings begins, spoiling your complete day! But don’t you think it’s absurd how one mishappening leads to another and creates huge chaos in your complete day?

Well, the answer lies in “The law of Attraction”. Yes, this law exists and is as real and scientific as any other law that you had studied in your science class. Just like the law of gravitation is working on us all the time, the law of attraction is also in action 24/7.

The law of attraction is scientifically proven by quantum physics. Many great people in the past knew about this law but very few are aware of it today.

Let me give a simple explanation to you, this law is based on our thoughts, whether conscious or subconscious ones. Our thoughts have a frequency that vibrates into the universe and grabs more thoughts with a similar frequency to us. This clearly means that a good thought will fetch another good thought and a bad thought will fetch a bad one. But you might be thinking how would thoughts affect your day-to-day life?

Thoughts become things

Yes, you read that right. Everything that takes place in our life is just a reality of the images we see in our thoughts. The more we think about something the more the chances are to see it happen in our life.

Difficult to digest? Right? Well, this is true anyway.

Ok let me make it simple with an example:-

You woke up in the morning, ungrateful, grumbling over going to work, cursing the alarm clock. (Here you are sending negative frequencies to the Universe that would bring back more negative incidents to your life.) Then you reach office late and get scolded by your boss. Again you grumble, feel bad and attract more bad events to you.

Then a chain of bad incidents, both big and small, continues because of exchange of negative thoughts with the universe for even more negative thoughts!!

Whatever you resist, persists

No one wants a bad day, Right? So here is how to avoid one!!

  • Whenever something bad happens, don’t let negative thoughts originate into your mind. Now you know that negative thoughts fetch more negativity!
  • There is always something to be grateful for no matter how bad your situation is. Start thanking the universe for the numerous good things in your life, be it your house, your job or anything else.
  • Divert your mind from the current situation and start thinking about someone or something you love. A great way to start a chain of positive thoughts, right?
  • Think only and only about the good in your life. Create images of your future in your mind, depicting the things you want in your life, and they will appear in your life soon.
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Trust me! It works!

Let me tell you that I have tried and tested this law many a time! And it works! You have to be patient at the beginning as you need some time to master this law. Don’t lose hope if it doesn’t “seem” to be working. Because trust me! It’s always functional!

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Good luck guys! For creating a better and positive life!


Although I'm a Science student, I love writing. My interest in reading gave rise to an interest in writing. I love to express my views through my writings and am always happy to help people by providing important and useful information. I write on crazy topics that grab the curiosity of the reader. I'm an optimist and have a very beautiful view about life. Life is a gift, we should live it wisely.

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