Traveling to Singapore? Everything You Need to Know!

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There are just so many places that we want to see, but let’s be true to ourselves – there is no way that we will visit every single destination that we set our mind on. However, if you want to visit Singapore, it would be a great idea to make that happen in 2019 or 2020. It’s one of the most popular tourist attractions at the moment, even though it’s believed to be one of the world’s most expensive places. However, if you play your cards right, it can be quite affordable, so don’t let the price be a deal breaker. Now, if you purchased your plane ticket, prepared everything that you will be doing during the flight, prepared your camera for some killer pictures and picked your VSCO filters, it’s time to get to know Singapore just a bit better.

What should you know beforehand?

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One of the most important things that you need to know about Singapore is that it’s extremely welcoming to all tourists. You will find many European and American people wandering the streets, either the ones who are working there or plain tourists. Also, mind that regardless of the season, always bring your spring and summer clothes. Singapore is always hot – the lowest temperature was recorded on the 31st of January in 1934, when it hit 19.4 degrees Celsius. Apart from that, living in Singapore should be quite easy, comfortable and pleasant. For example, you don’t have to buy bottled water! Singapore is one of the rare places where tap water meets the standards of WHO, so it’s totally unnecessary to buy bottled water! This is the reason why a single, one-liter bottle of water can cost up to $2, so this is a good way to save some money.

Where to sleep?

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As far as accommodation is concerned, it would be very good if you did your homework beforehand, as it’s quite possible that you will end up paying big bucks for a night’s stay. What is very positive is that Singapore has a dozen of hotels that offer accommodation at a very reasonable price so make sure that you check out some of offered Singapore hotel packages before going there. Other accommodation options, of course, include Airbnb, and you can definitely find an apartment that caters for anyone’s taste and wallet, but it won’t be much cheaper than booking a good hotel, especially because food is not included in the price of your Airbnb apartment.

What to see and do?

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It’s pretty much safe to say that Singapore caters for everyone’s needs. So regardless of whether you are an adventure seeker, an urban explorer or a food junkie, you will find amazing things to do there. The first thing that you shouldn’t miss is to immerse yourself at Gardens By The Bay, which is one of Singapore’s most legendary landmarks. The best time to visit these supertrees is during the night, so allocate one night for this amazing experience. If you’re a history and architecture lover, on the other hand, you should see the trifecta of the cultural neighborhoods of Chinatown, Little India and Arab Street. You will experience some of the most beautiful examples of architecture while still indulging in the different cuisines of the world. Finally, don’t miss out on the legendary Singapore Zoo, which is the home of over 300 animals. It’s often praised for its design and size (it stretches over 70 acres of land).

Where to eat?

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Eating in Singapore is definitely an experience of its own. First of all, you can find restaurants of all the cuisines of the world, so if you want to eat spaghetti, for example, you can go to a great Italian restaurant. Singapore is home to some of the most prestigious world restaurants too, ranging from the ones that are Michelin-star approved such as Alma or Bacchanalia to the ones that are still trying to find their way to this accolade. Why is Singapore also great? Because you can eat very cheap Michelin-star dishes, as two famous hawker stalls have gained a single-star status! So, if you want to eat something delicious and still save some money, have Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle in Lavender and Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle in Chinatown in mind.  

What else to say about Singapore? Well, you would have to go there and see for yourself. You will definitely have the time of your life, enjoying the great views, getting lost in this spectacular city that never sleeps and eating to your heart’s content!

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