14 Different Home Decor Window Styles

Whether you are looking for new windows or scrolling to find a window replacement, there are many options in home decor styling and are mostly within the budget.

14 Different Home Decor Window Styles

1. Single-hung windows

These windows open vertically with their lower sash moving up and down. The window’s upper sash remains stationary. However, the upper sash is covered on the inside.

2. Double-hung windows

In these windows, however, both the upper sash and the lower sash move up and down. It usually tilts out for easy cleaning and maintenance. A double-hung wood window would be a more expensive option than a double-hung vinyl window.

They are one the most common replacement windows installed by homeowners.

3. Arched windows

These windows have rounded tops that add a beautiful architectural design to any home. However, most of these windows do not open or close. They are often installed above the standard windows that provide ventilation. some of them open the same way as a casement window does.

4. Awning windows

These windows are ideal for regions with climates like a monsoon. It creates a water-resistant awning when opened.

5. Bay windows

These windows protrude from an exterior wall and create a shelf in the home. They are based on the flat windows set into the angled frame. one would require a skilled technician to fix these windows. you will find that it consists of a center window and two side windows and angles at 30 ° to 40°.

6. Bow windows

These windows are circular along the outside of the home. They are custom curved depending on the number of window panels you want to use to create a bow window.

7. Casement windows

These windows swing-out neither side to open. They usually have one casement window pane on the left and one on the right. These windows are constructed with solid glass and give a less obstructed view.

8. Egress window

They are typically installed in the basement of the house or house attics. They are designed for safety more than anything else. The windows provide an escape route in times of emergencies such as fires and storms. They need an area to be excavated to install properly.

9. Garden windows

They are mini bay windows that are meant for plants. They protrude from the outside of the house and look like tiny greenhouses.

10. Glass Block windows

They are added to almost every section of one’s house. They are most often considered as accents. This type of window is adorned with a patterned design that provides both light and privacy. You can also use them in bathrooms, the basement and other private places. 

11. Hopper windows

They open from the top of the roof. Also, they make efficient use of compact spaces. They are ideal for bathrooms and the basement. These windows provide excellent insulation because they seal up against the frame when closed all the way.

12. Picture windows

These windows can be opened. They are fixed. They give a beautiful outside picture with pretty large picture windows. You can enjoy the natural beauty or view from your home whether it is a lush green backyard or a mountain range. They give an unobstructed beautiful view as they do not have any visible frames.

13. Circle style windows

As the name suggests, these windows are either round, elliptical, or oval. They add architectural appeal to a home. It is ideal for Victorian and gothic structures.

14. Skylight windows

Let the sunshine seep into your home through these windows. Yes, skylight windows add more natural light to a home. They are suitable for your roof, attic, and bathrooms. The only limitation is mounting them on outer walls. They make for a wonderful window option.

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