Chinese monorail – Chongqing Metro Monorail Passes Through Residential Building

Living near a local train station is a dream for many houses buyers. When planners in China were asked to construct a new railway line in a residential area, they came up with an ingenious way of getting around the problem of demolishing people’s homes  – by building the track so it runs right through them. The astonishing train line runs right through the middle of the building in Chongqing, known as Mountain City for its countless skyscrapers, and is one of the most heavily populated areas in China with nearly 33 million people. They were forced to do so in order to cope with the overcrowding in the city.

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A light railway track has been designed to run directly through a hole in a 19-storey  block of flats in the city of Chongqing, China. The monorail line cuts a hole through the 8th floor of the building in the central Chinese city of Chongqing, home to around 8.5 million people.

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Noise is not a problem because the train only generates 60 decibels as it moves through the building. Also, the train line has increased the value of the apartments because it is so convenient for transport links. The block of flats was built at the same time as the railway and even has its own station.

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City transport spokesman Yuan Cheng told the Daily Star: ‘Our city is very heavily built upon and that can make finding room for roads and railway lines a real challenge.

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