Get To Know About The Teeth Archer Of India

After witnessing archery, what do you think you need to be a successful archer? Right coordination of hands and eyes with full concentration? But what if you don’t have an arm? Ever imagined shooting a bull’s eye with the teeth? Yes, you hear it right, Abhishek Thaware has proven every norm wrong and has succeeded in becoming the first meritious teeth Archer of India. Here is the full story-

Abhishek Thaware teeth archer india


First Teeth Archer of India

Abhishek Sunil Thaware was polio-stuck on his right arm due to no fault of his when he was just one-year-old. The doctors accidentally gave him the wrong injection, and these few drops made him a handicapped for life. His intense interest in sports made him an athlete. He even won state and national medals in 500m, 1500m, Country cross marathons and other races as well. But God had written some different story for him.

As he excelled on the athletic track, he got attacked by a severe ligament injury due to wear and tear and was strictly told never to go back to those tracks again. This Braveheart didn’t let his spirit down and started to show a keen interest in archery. He couldn’t handle the whole archery equipment with one hand, and as suggested by his cousin, he started using his teeth instead of his fingers. He uses one arm to hold the bow and teeth to shoot the arrow.

He is successful in bringing numerous laurels to the country, including-

  • Qualifying in Para-Archery World Championship trial
  • Silver medal at All India Archery meet for disabled (Baroda)
  • Qualified for state-level meet conducted by Nagpur district association
  • Triumphs with scores of 637 out of 720 points in Nagpur varsity’s inter-college tournament.
  • Bagged 69th spot at Inter-University meet at Patiala
first teeth archer of india


He currently aims at representing the country at the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

He is now instructed under coach, Chandrakant Ilag. Not only physical disabilities, but he is also suffering from the crunch of funds, many NGOs are working to raise money for him.

People like Abhishek are not only an asset to the country but also a motivation to the youth. His disabilities didn’t obstruct his dreams. His passion for sports and never give up attitude makes him an inspiration for all.

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