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What is Depression: The Signs, Symptoms and Solution

not a mental disease

These days a word is very common among youth and other generations too which is DEPRESSION. We all must have heard about this, but do we actually know what is it? Everyone defines it in their own way. Some think it’s a mental illness, some think it’s a disease and some of you may also think that nothing like depression exists. Depression sometimes leads to suicide. Here I am trying to clear out some points about depression through this post.

What is depression?

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If you will search it online you will get a no. of meanings. On one site I read Depression is just a sad feeling.  Everyone feels sad at some point of time, for eg; when you were a kid and your parents didn’t agree for something which you really wanted at that time definitely have made you sad but that doesn’t mean you were depressed. DEPRESSION has it’s own symptoms and being or feeling sad is one them.  I guess it can not be defined in a few words, no one can ever express how a person diagnosed with depression is feeling. It can lead to different things.

What are the symptoms?

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Due to lack of knowledge, most of the people themselves don’t know whether they are suffering from it or not. Here are some symptoms :

1. Sadness

It’s a feeling of emptiness and being lonely all the time. It may lead from some events which may have brought you down and in return, you end up feeling WORTHLESSNESS. If it lasts for more than a week, then it’s a sign.

2. Fatigue

It’s a feeling of tiredness all the time even if you haven’t moved from your bed all day. A depressed person is always out of energy even if he/she hasn’t done anything.

3. Irritation

A depressed person can feel irritated all the time. It may cause people to get angry and frustrated even over a small matter.

4. Guilt

As mentioned above, depression can cause worthlessness which leads to inner guilt. Due to this, a person ends up thinking he/she is good for nothing or they can’t do anything right.

5. Lack of Concentration

A person suffering from it won’t be able to concentrate properly, his/her attention may always get diverted from one thing to another. This leads to RESTLESSNESS.

Above are some symptoms, you can search for more online.

The Solution

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Go to a psychiatrist. That’s a thing everyone will suggest. Many people think that going to a psychiatrist is a bad thing and only mentally unstable people go to them, but psychiatrists are the people who will listen to you and will help you overcome this with the help of different exercises and therapies. You can feel much better with TMS, a modern type of therapy that doesn’t require you to take any medication.

If you know someone who’s dealing with above-mentioned symptoms, please go and talk to them even if they don’t want to. Listen to what they are saying, pamper them with all your love. Don’t force them to do something they don’t want to do. Make them feel their worth.

People who are facing or getting  SUICIDAL THOUGHTS, please go and talk to someone. I know to say all this is easy but a person who is actually going through this know how hard all this is. We all should get this point that SUICIDE IS NOT THE OPTION. Sometimes people don’t get the platform for expressing themselves for all those you can contact us via our Instagram, facebook or youtube page.

We all are always available, just talk to us about whatever you wanted to or what you are going through, everything. People, please share the right information about Depression to more and more people.

Even though it’s not a thing most of the people want to read today, but if you have read this article and understood the motive of this I will be very glad.

If you or someone you know may be struggling with depression, reach out to a licensed therapist at BetterHelp.

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