Diksha Sharma

A literature student, wanderer, theism, bibliophile, musicophile and movie buff. hard work, respect and loyalty are my guiding factors in life. I like photography , exercising and writing . An admirer of art and nature. I am very imaginative, opinionated and a strong-headed individual and have a keen interest in politics.
  • Factsroman used human urine and feces

    How Roman Used Human Urine And Feces In Daily Life

    Urine has enjoyed an impressive range of practical and medical uses for much of history. Urine has, in fact, had an impressive range of practical uses for much of history. A key area was medicine, But ancient Romans were also economical about their use of waste products—specifically, their own waste. In  Roman Mythology, Cloaca Maxima is the goddess of the sewer system. Following are…

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  • FactsChinese monorail

    Chinese monorail – Chongqing Metro Monorail Passes Through Residential Building

    Living near a local train station is a dream for many houses buyers. When planners in China were asked to construct a new railway line in a residential area, they came up with an ingenious way of getting around the problem of demolishing people’s homes  – by building the track so it runs right through them. The astonishing train line runs…

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  • Factsselfies help in determining your personality

    How Selfies Help In Determining Your Personality

    Selfies refer to self-portraits taken by oneself using a digital camera or a smartphone.  When taking a selfie, individuals can view how they look like in the picture and decide what they want to show in the picture.  People become increasingly popular in social media because of their selfies. However, little is known about how selfies reflect their owner’s personality…

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  • Do You Know About Coulrophobia, A Fear Of Clowns

    When we were kids, we were excited to see clowns as they are supposedly figures of humor and long-associated with children’s parties, but for some people, they represent something far more sinister. The word Coulrophobia means a persistent and irrational fear of clowns. It possibly originates from Greek Kolon meaning stilt or stilt-walkers which are often used by clowns. Clowns…

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  • Facts

    Weird and Unusual Sports you’ve Never Probably Heard of.

    Soccer, basketball, cricket, rugby, swimming etc are some of the sports which everyone has heard of but What you may not know is that there are an incredible amount of sports being played around the world that are completely unrecognizable like Extreme Ironing or Chess Boxing. Curious to know more? Here is the list of some of the weirdest and…

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