99 Phobias You Didn’t Know Existed

Fear is a part of our life. It’s a feeling almost inevitable in certain situations in life – such as the fear of flunking a class, the fear of losing someone, or the fear of getting caught doing something illegal. Now, a certain amount of fear is okay for us to feel. If this fear causes hindrance in our everyday functioning or affects our mental cognition, it might be a problem.

A phobia is an intense and incapacitating fear of an entity, place, circumstance, emotion, or living creature. Phobias are more noticeable than fears. They appear when a person has an overblown or implausible fear of an object or a situation. There are also some you might have never heard that we’ve listed below for you!

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Have a look at the 99 phobias you didn’t know existed:

1. Genuphobia

Genuphobia is the fear of knees. Yes, you heard that right. To be afraid of something that is a part of you? It is indeed very absurd. People with genuphobia often experience anxiety when touched on the knee or when they have to kneel. Past injuries around the knee or traumatic incidents related to the same may be the reason that triggers this phobia in some people.

2. Dromophobia

Dromophobia is the fear of crossing streets. In such a case, a person might experience extreme anxiety when standing across a street that they have to cross. A possible reason that triggers such a fear could be past road accidents or losing a loved one in an accident.

3. Venustraphobia

It is the fear of beautiful women. So, what a bummer for all those beautiful women who thought they could sway away men/women with their beauty (even if they had 0 IQ). Any man/woman who’d probably faced rejection by beautiful women in the past may inherit this phobia. Some people are just born with it as their personality trait.

4. Euphobia

It is the fear of hearing good news. I guess someone out there loves living life through sadness and sorrow. For such people, things such as “you got a promotion” or “you just got proposed” might all trigger them and cause anxiety.

5. Eisoptrophobia

Eisoptrophobia is a weird fear of mirrors. It is related to self-image issues or body dysmorphia. People with eisoptrophobia avoid looking into mirrors or passing near one. People may also avoid mirrors because they alter the appearance of an object.

6. Vestiphobia

Yet another bizarre phobia, vestiphobia, is the fear of clothing. It may be the fear of particular clothing items like jeans or vests. It could also be the fear of tight-fitted clothes and, in some extreme cases, the fear of all clothing.

7. Optophobia

It’s the fear of opening one’s eyes. I guess such people choose to be blind by choice (or maybe not). This fear might trigger due to past experiences of witnessing traumatizing experiences such as watching a loved one die in front of you or any crime that took place, so you do not wish to look at something awful again.

8. Phonophobia

Phonophobia is the fear of sounds. These are usually quite normal sounds that are not even that loud, and they do not cause any possible harm to the ears, such as the ring of the doorbell, the sound of opening a door, opening a packet of chips, the birds chirping, etc.

9. Emetophobia

It is the fear of vomiting. It can arise in people during social situations, where they might ignite the anxiety of throwing up in front of others, leading to embarrassment. It can also occur when you look at specific food items that could trigger your anxiety and fear.

10. Cibophobia

Cibophobia is the fear of food. People with cibophobia avoid food altogether or specific kinds of food such as dairy products, vegetables, or non-veg. It is often confused with anorexia. Cibophobia is a phobia, while anorexia is a mental disorder.

11. Taphophobia

This is the fear of being buried alive. The emergence of this phobia can be dated back to ancient times when people had the constant fear and anxiety of being buried alive as a punishment.

12. Ergophobia

Ergophobia is the fear of work or being in a workplace. Such people feel overwhelmed by work all the time and experience unhealthy work stress that can also lead to full-blown panic attacks.

13. Athazagoraphobia

The fear of being forgotten or forgetting things is called athazagoraphobia. It triggers people with short-term/long-term amnesia, dementia, or abandonment issues. People with athazagoraphobia usually develop the fear and anxiety of being forgotten, abandoned, or replaced. They also fear getting affected by Alzheimer’s disease or similar memory loss diseases.

14. Pistanthrophobia

It is the fear of getting hurt by someone in a romantic relationship. Such individuals often find it difficult to trust their partner and fail to commit to a relationship. It triggers due to failed past relationships or heartbreak. I guess someone’s going to stay single forever!

15. Dystichiphobia

It is the fear of getting in an accident. It triggers in any accident-prone area. Such people avoid hitting the road. Traumatic past experiences such as being in a road accident can be one possible reason for this phobia to develop in a person.

16. Ablutophobia

Ablutophobia is the irrational fear of taking a bath, washing, or cleaning. It is mostly found in women than in men. People with this phobia are afraid of taking showers or even coming close to water.

17. Xenophobia

Xenophobia is the fear of anything foreign to a person. It can be a stranger, a person who belongs to a different country, or even a piece of information that might not be known to the person.

18. Lacanophobia

Lacanophobia is the fear of vegetables. A person with this phobia avoids eating or even seeing a vegetable. I guess someone’s not eating their greens daily!

19. Nomophobia

It is the fear of being without your phone for a long time or losing it. I think we all have this fear to a limit. But in extreme cases, people are glued to their mobile phones and can not afford to lose sight of them.

20. Gelotophobia

It is the fear of being laughed at. In this case, if one hears anyone laughing that may or may not be directed towards them, they still feel targeted. In these situations, the person experiences intense palpitations, anxiety, and panic.

21. Androphobia

Androphobia is the fear of men. Anyone with this phobia is triggered around men or even when they see a picture of men. It could be due to past trauma that involved any man or even a failed relationship with one’s dad. I think all the woke feminists can second this phobia.

22. Anthophobia

Anthophobia is the irrational fear of flowers. Anyone with anthophobia may be scared of looking, touching, or smelling a flower. Now, this may be all flowers or any specific type of flower. In that case, buying such people flowers on any special occasion might not seem like a good idea!

23. Megalophobia

It is a phobia of large objects such as windmills, airplanes, statues, skyscrapers, etc. However, this particular phobia is treatable with the help of exposure therapy. In this type of therapy, psychologists establish a secure setting in which they “expose” patients to the things they avoid and are afraid of. Exposure to dreaded things, actions, or circumstances in a secure setting aids in lowering anxiety and lowering avoidance.

24. Trypanophobia

Trypanophobia is the fear of sharp objects, especially needles and injections. I believe many of us are afraid of needles, but it is necessary to keep those vaccinations up to date, so one has to overcome this fear.

25. Plutophobia

Plutophobia is an irrational fear of wealth or money. Such people fear wealth, or they fear becoming wealthy themselves. Well, whosoever has this fear, I request you to transfer all your money into my bank account!

26. Cynophobia

Cynophobia is the fear of dogs. Such people are awfully scared of being around dogs or even looking at one! They have a constant fear of being attacked by a dog. I think all dog lovers would want to keep a distance from such people.

27. Entomophobia

This is a fear of insects. Such people are scared of all kinds of creepy crawlies and insects. Even seeing one might ignite anxiety in them. Past traumatic encounters with any insect might be a reason for this.

28. Theophobia

Theophobia is the fear of god. People with this phobia are constantly afraid to face the wrath of god and might also have some amount of hatred for the almighty.

29. Ornithophobia

Ornithophobia is the fear of birds. People with this phobia are afraid to even spot a bird. They constantly feel like they’re in danger or might get attacked by a bird.

30. Somniphobia

It is the fear of falling asleep. Such people face difficulty in sleeping and stay awake for long hours. Frequent nightmares, flashbacks when asleep, and sleepwalking can trigger this phobia.

31. Ephebiphobia

Ephebiphobics are terrified of teenagers. They can have an unfavorable opinion of teenagers and believe all young people act violently or badly.

32. Allumphobia

A fear of garlic is known as alliumphobia. People who are afraid of garlic might also avoid other plants with strong scents, like chives, shallots, or cloves. Allium, which means “garlic bulb,” has a Latin etymology, whereas “phobia” has a Greek origin (meaning fear).

33. Pathophobia

Pathophobia is the fear of diseases. Such people are most likely to stay away from anyone who is sick. They have constant anxiety about catching germs or falling ill.

34. Claustrophobia

An anxiety condition called claustrophobia makes people extremely afraid of enclosed spaces. Such people are afraid of being in small rooms or even elevators.

35. Pediophobia

The Greek word “paidion,” which denotes a young child, is where the name “pediophobia” originates. Dolls and other items that resemble humans are examples of inanimate objects, as are ventriloquist dummies.

36. Haphephobia

Haphephobia is the fear of being touched. Past traumatic experiences of being touched inappropriately or seeing a distressing event where being touched was involved can trigger this phobia.

37. Oikophobia

Oikophobia is the fear of homes. Such people cannot tolerate being in their homes or home culture. The reason for the same can be a toxic environment at home, abusive parents, or a neglectful childhood.

38. Ophidiophobia

Ophidiophobia is a severe, paralyzing aversion to snakes. Specific phobia, a form of anxiety illness, is the name of the ailment. Herpetophobia, or the fear of all reptiles, and ophidiophobia may be related. Many people have some level of anxiety about snakes.

39. Astraphobia

The terror of lightning and thunder is known as astraphobia. Although it mostly affects kids, many adults nevertheless experience a fear of thunderstorms. With the aid of a course of treatment, such as talk therapy or medication, you may be able to control your anxiety symptoms and have a higher quality of life.

40. Vehophobia

Vehophobia is the fear of driving. Such people often avoid hitting the roads, and even if they do, their constant anxiety may result in road accidents, causing fatalities.

41. Emetophobia

Emetophobia is the fear of vomiting. Emetophobia and obsessive-compulsive disorder are closely related because it exhibits some OCD symptoms.

42. Zoophobia

A severe phobia of animals is called zoophobia. Widespread fear of a particular animal species is known as zoophobia. Some people have a generalized dread of all animals.

43. Autophobia

It’s the irrational fear of being alone. When a person is by themselves, they could feel this fear. Even when they are with other individuals, some people still struggle with autophobia. In this situation, the main concern is loneliness.

44. Soceraphobia

Soceraphobia is the fear of in-laws. Such people dislike their in-laws and do not like being around them.

45. Mnemophobia

The phobia of memories is known as mnemophobia. It happens either when one recalls past experiences or when one fears memory loss due to mental illnesses like Alzheimer’s.

46. Pogonophobia

Pogonophobia is an extreme aversion to facial hair, which can also include mustaches, goatees, and various variations on the beard. It might be challenging to operate in many social situations when bearded people may be present due to the condition.

47. Olfactophobia

The word “osmophobia” refers to fear, dislike, or aversion to smells or odors. Such people cannot tolerate any type of odor and also avoid applying perfumes and scents.

48. Latrophobia

Latrophobia is a psychological disorder and fear in which a person experiences a crippling fear of medical professionals.

49. Laliophobia

Laliophobia is an absurd fear of speaking. Such people often refrain from speaking in public due to the fear of stuttering or embarrassment.

50. Atychiphobia

An extreme dread of failing is known as atychiphobia. It can make you postpone or steer clear of any endeavor or situation that could end badly. For fear of failing, a person with this syndrome could be afraid to try new things, take risks, or accept growth.

51. Arachibutyrophobia

This is the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth. The intensity can vary in individuals, but some people completely avoid eating it.

52. Barophobia

Barophobics are afraid of gravity. They fear that a fall brought on by gravity may result in severe harm or even death. Or they worry that a heavy object will fall onto them due to gravity. Images of the universe where gravity is absent may likewise terrify someone who has barophobia.

53. Bibliophobia

Bibliophobia is the fear of books. You may be afraid of reading specific kinds of books or, in the worst cases, all kinds of books.

54. Cacophobia

Cacophobia is a strong aversion to ugly things. Such people worry about looking ugly. When they consider or are exposed to anything awful, they may also experience symptoms of worry and anxiety.

55. Tockiophobia

Tockiophobia is the fear of childbirth. Some people with this illness go above and beyond to prevent getting pregnant. Those who do get pregnant might not look forward to each week of being pregnant but rather dread it.

56. Necrophobia

Necrophobia, a specific phobia, is the irrational fear of dead objects and things related to death, such as corpses (e.g., coffins, tombstones, funerals, and cemeteries).

57. Nosocomephobia

Severe fear of hospitals is known as nosocomephobia. A panic attack or other symptoms are possible with this kind of anxiety illness. It can hinder you from receiving necessary medical attention or from seeing loved ones at the hospital.

58. Obesophobia

Obesophobia is a severe dread of putting on weight or becoming obese. Such people avoid excessive intake of food or even starve themselves.

59. Pyrophobia

Pyrophobia is the fear of fire. Those who suffer from pyrophobia may experience fear at the sight of any type of fire, including a bonfire or candle flame. Or they might experience severe anxiety when they consider or discuss the fire. Even when there isn’t any actual threat or risk, they could anticipate fire in any location or circumstance.

60. Scolionophobia

Scolionophobia is an extreme aversion to going to school. Though not a formal professional diagnosis, it is frequently a sign of other anxiety disorders.

61. Tachophobia

The irrational dread of speed is known as tachophobia. Those who suffer from tachophobia are terrified of moving quickly. They might be afraid of driving, biking, roller coasters, or even brisk strolling. Tachophobia might cause some people to avoid moving public transportation at all costs.

62. Globophobia

Globophobia is the fear of balloons. Going to a birthday party or other event where balloons might be present, hearing the sound of a balloon popping, hearing another sound you associate with balloons, such as the sound of a balloon being blown up or the sound of latex being touched or rubbed, and hearing these sounds all set off this phobia.

63. Pedophobia

People who have pedophobia experience an unreasonable fear of infants and young children. The Greek word for children, “paida,” is the root of the word “pedophobia.”

64. Dentophobia

Some people fear a dentist. This specific phobia causes worry in those who have it, both before and after going to the dentist.

65. Allodoxaphobia

This is the fear of other people’s opinions. Such people often refrain from listening to others or what they have to say.

66. Pteromerhanophobia

This is the fear of flying. Such people are afraid to sit on an airplane or even other flying vehicles like a helicopter. It is also known as aerophobia.

67. Chaetophobia

Chaetophobia is an irrational fear of hair or hairy people and animals. They like to stay shaved and clean themselves.

68. Xanthophobia

Someone with xanthophobia is afraid of the color yellow. Anything of the color yellow can ignite anxiety in them.

69. Erythrophobia

Phobia of the color red, which is sometimes coupled with a fear of blood or flushing, is called erythrophobia.

70. Basophobia

Basophobia is the fear of standing uptight or erect, accompanied by the inability to walk properly.

71. Chloephobia

As weird as it can get, chloephobia is the fear of newspapers. Such people avoid watching the news or even the newspaper.

72. Arithmophobia

This is the extreme fear of numbers. Such people are afraid of maths and are unable to perform even basic calculations.

73. Trypophobia

Trypophobia is an aversion or discomfort to objects like sponges and honeycombs that have recurring patterns or clusters of tiny holes.

74. Mysophobia

Mysophobia is an extreme fear of dirt or contamination. It can occur in a wide range of people, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is the condition it is most frequently linked to.

75. Microphobia

Microphobia is a strong aversion to little things, such as pathogens and insects. Avoiding minor things might result in bad ideas and actions that interfere with day-to-day existence.

76. Koinoniphobia

A severe phobia of rooms or those who are in them is known as koinoniphobia. Because it is a specific phobia, the fear is related to a specific circumstance.

77. Gamophobia

Gamophobia is the fear of marriage or commitment. This fear can restrain you from having healthy long-term relationships.

78. Equinophobia

This is the fear of horses. This phobia may be brought on by a traumatic horse event, such as falling off or being kicked, trodden on, or bit by a horse.

79. Hemophobia

Hemophobia is the name for an extreme and illogical fear of blood that prevents a person from going about their daily life for at least six months.

80. Amaxophobia

It is the fear of riding a car. Past traumatic events such as car accidents can trigger this condition.

81. Cathedraphobia

This is an irrational fear of chairs. Such people avoid buying chairs and stay away from them at all costs.

82. Ptophobia

This is the fear of falling. Loss of self-esteem, social exclusion, and an uncontrollable fear of walking are its hallmarks, even in the absence of any alteration to locomotion.

83. Epiplaphobia

Epiplaphobia is an intense, illogical, and frequently unfounded fear of furniture. Some people may only be scared of a particular style of furniture, while others may only be afraid of antiques.

84. Dendrophobia

Dendrophobics are terrified of trees. The Greek word for tree is ‘dendron,’ while the word for fear is ‘phobos.’ When thinking about or seeing trees, a person who suffers from dendrophobia may experience intense fear or anxiety.

85. Cinephobia

Cinephobia is the fear of viewing movies. The phrase is the combining form of cine, meaning “movie” and phobia. Most often, watching a scary or even shocking movie as a child will give someone this phobia.

86. Artphobia

A sizable portion of the global population continues to be impacted by artphobia, which first surfaced in humans a very long time ago. Although artphobia is easily treatable, the majority of individuals still experience it due to modern medicine’s inability to cure it.

87. Chromophobia

Chromophobia is a severe aversion to color. Most sufferers of this condition have a specific fear of one or two colors. Others are merely sensitive to bright colors.

88. Bathmophobia

Bathmophobics have a severe aversion to stairways or inclines, such as steep hills.

89. Pharmacophobia

Pharmacophobia is a fear of medications and a disapproval of all drugs.

90. Tomophobia

Tomophobia is the term used to describe worry or anxiety brought on by impending medical treatments or surgical procedures.

91. Nyctophobia

Nyctophobia is the fear of darkness. Such people avoid going out at night and also keep their lights on, even while sleeping.

92. Androphobia

Androphobia is the fear of your own father or father-in-law. This fear can arise due to an unhealthy relationship with your father or past traumatic experiences and child abuse.

93. Tatouazophobia

This is the fear of getting a tattoo or even watching a person get tattooed. Such people also avoid interaction with people who are already inked.

94. Traumatophobia

It is an unusual aversion to conflict or danger or to getting hurt when participating in physical activities like sports.

95. Examophobia

Most students suffer from exam phobia, often known as examophobia. As soon as their exams approach, students feel quite anxious and start planning how to prepare, perform better, and earn good grades.

96. Photophobia

Eye discomfort in strong light is known as photophobia. Such people avoid looking directly into the sun.

97. Technophobia

Technophobia is the dread of technology, including robots, computers, and artificial intelligence. Resistance to acquiring new technology is only one aspect of technophobia.

98. Fraterniphobia

This is the fear of one’s own brother. This can be triggered due to a disturbed relationship between siblings or due to an excessive age gap between the two.

99. Phobophobia

We have saved the weirdest of them all at last for you! Phobophobia is the fear of fear itself. People are afraid of fear and develop frequent panic attacks. The other symptoms include chest pain, nausea, trembling, intrusive thoughts, etc.

However, it is crucial to understand that these phobias exist, and one needs proper diagnosis and treatment to help deal with them. Although most of them are not curable and stay with you for a lifetime, you need to try and overcome them. You should most definitely not self-diagnose yourself. But just in case you do (for fun), what are your fears?

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