4 Ways To Incorporate Dough And Bread In Your Healthy Diet

If you dig deep into the crux of pizza or any other dish, you will eventually come across a humble dough. So when it comes to incorporating dough into a healthy diet, there are several possibilities around. Especially now, with the advent of several flavours and dough types in the market, it has become easier for cooking experts to try different stuff. Here are a few ways you can use dough and bread as a part of your healthy diet:

4 Ways To Incorporate Dough And Bread In Your Healthy Diet

1. Bread is a Strong Part of a Balanced Diet

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Contrary to what most critics have to say, bread can prove itself as a strong part of a healthy diet at home. Because it is made from dough, so whether it is sliced or flat, you can easily enjoy it without struggling much with the texture. For best results, you can complement bread with potatoes, pasta, and rice. If you’re making your bread at home, the taste will be better than what you get from the market. Secondly, if you have plans to lose weight, you can easily control the quantity of starch, carbohydrates, and fats in it.

2. Always Settle For The Right Flour

Always Settle For The Right Flour
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If you’re baking bread with yeast, it is imperative that you add quality flour in it. The reason why people add flour in it is that it is rich in gluten and quality protein in it. So it helps in erecting the structure during the baking process. So whether you choose whole wheat, oatmeal of fiber, they’re all healthy choices. If you’re baking a new dish at home, choose the traditional flour. Have you ever heard of atta and chapatti flour? It is widely available in the market. You can also look for frozen bread dough at Suprima, if you want to cook large batches for the next few days.

3. Pizza and Pasta Can Be Converted into Healthy Meals

Pizza and Pasta Can Be Converted into Healthy Meals
Credits – Women’s Health

Who says pizza and pasta aren’t healthy options around? When it comes to cooking them both, people begin with dough. The basic ingredients of dough are eggs, which have a good quantity of protein. In most cases, one can easily prepare a healthy meal for the family. Especially when you have kids in the house, making pizza yourself can be a lot of fun. This way, you can easily control the amount of salt and any other ingredients that are usually added in abundance. Make sure you stick to a healthy recipe for preparing pizza at home.

4. Be Wise Enough When Seasoning Your Bread

Be Wise Enough When Seasoning Your Bread
Credits – Bigger Bolder Baking

Using a lot of chilies and spices can cause damage to the texture of your bread. To make sure the dough is soft, it is best to settle for a minimal quantity of whatever ingredients you’re choosing. For instance, cooking soda bread at home entails using soda bicarbonate. It helps the flour in rising when it is being heated. This way, you get the perfect shape of bread. However, if you add too much bicarbonate soda, it will only ruin the entire mixture.

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