• FactsUnhealthy Foods That Are Actually Good For You

    10 Unhealthy Foods That Are Actually Good For You

    Whenever we hear this word, all that comes to our mind are veggies, fish, zero cholesterol, or zero fat foods. From the day we started to differentiate food, we have been told which food item is good or bad for health, which should be eaten more, and which should be eaten less.  We always have that on the list of…

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  • Health and WellnessSolutions To Get Thicker Eyebrows

    10 Solutions To Get Thicker Eyebrows

    Eyebrows are an essential feature that can structure and elevate our looks. Often, people with thinner eyebrows end up drawing on thicker eyebrows, and in some cases, even tattooing a thicker eyebrow!! What if I told you that following home remedies regularly will help you with eyebrow growth? If you dedicate a few minutes of your day and common kitchen…

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  • Health and WellnessTips For Strong Nails

    10 Effective Tips For Strong Nails

    Clean, healthy nails may be a positive health predictor, but our nails aren’t as sturdy as we would want them to be. Strong and elegant nails are a dream of every person, but due to some reason, our nails become brittle or unhealthy. The positive thing is that we can still make lifestyle and behavioural adjustments to improve the nails…

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  • Health and Wellness4 Benefits of Almonds For Your Health

    4 Benefits of Almonds For Your Health

    If you don’t know, almonds are acknowledged as one of the most popular tree nuts across the globe. Because they are highly nutritious, millions of people consume them every second. Almonds have become a large part of the food culture, which is why thousands of dishes are made with them. Here, in this feature, we will guide you through some…

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  • Health and Wellness

    How to Handle Protein Deficiency in a Vegetarian Diet?

    Remember that one time when you got really inspired and wanted to lead a healthy lifestyle? C’mon we have all tried doing that at least once in our lives. It’s all fun and games in the beginning but eventually, we all succumb to the realities of our nerve-wrecking lifestyles. In other words, we end up hogging on a lot of…

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