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Things Which A Newborn Baby Leaves In The Mother’s Body

A newborn’s birth is a wonderful thing in itself

But, nobody ever thought about what happens to the mother after birth. Is there something which is left behind in the mother’s womb?

Well yes, a baby leaves behind dead cells in the mother’s womb. Also, it stays in the body even after years of the baby’s birth! There are many kinds of research which have been carried out. However, not much evidence is found on the same.

So, what these dead cells actually do to the mother’s body

  • It is said that a baby’s cells help protect the mother against dangerous and malignant diseases.
  • Baby’s cells may help protect mom against certain diseases, such as cancer.
  • In studying a mother with cancer, doctors found the baby’s DNA at the site of the tumor, trying to fight the disease.
  • But, every good thing has a dark side to it as well. So, if it is giving benefits to the mother’s body, then at the same place it gives certain illnesses too.
  • Autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and thyroid conditions are more prevalent in women of childbearing age.
  • These disorders are caused by immune confusion when the body begins to work against itself as if it were fighting off a foreign invader – such as another person’s blood cells.

This isn’t any full-fledged claim on the newborn’s cells, but yes, there are continuous researches going on this which brings in new information every passing day.

Every mother should enjoy this phase of being a mother, as giving birth to a child is a wonderful thing that only mothers can experience! Everything given by your baby is good for you as a mother is best for everyone.

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Shivam Chopra belives a lot in healthcare! Not just because he is about to be a Doctor, but also because he belives in the power of changing lifestyle! By qualification he is an aspiring physiotherapist which helps in giving him practical knowledge. He is also a certified Aerobic Instructor from IAFT and a Physical therapist from Manual Therapy Foundation Of India. He is also certified for Basic Life Support (BLS) & CPR from Kokilaben Dhirubai Ambani Hospital, Mumbai.

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