Are You Aware Of The Meaning Of The Fruit Labels?

You may have wondered about them or simply stuck them somewhere but you would have never really thought about the usefulness or the relevance of the fruit labels.

Well, next time you see them, make sure they don’t get unnoticed. There is hidden information on these stickers which could be of great use for all of us.

Wondering how to decode the information?

Worry not we are here to guide you. Follow the article below and untangle the mystery behind those seemingly good-for-nothing labels.

These labels have more of a function than just getting scanned for the price at the checkout stand. Moreover, they tell you about how your piece of fruit was grown.

What is PLU code?

The fruit labels with bar codes and numbers are known as PLU (price look-up) codes. These tell us if the fruit was grown conventionally, organically or was genetically modified.

What do these PLU codes mean?

A 4-digit code: Conventionally grown product

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Whenever you see a 4-digit code on the fruit labels, it tells us that the fruit was conventionally grown. This means that the fruit was traditionally grown with the use of pesticides. Don’t panic, the amount and level of pesticides used are very low and they aren’t harmful. Also, properly wash your fruit before consuming it. Doing this would remove residue and germs.

A 5-digit code (starting with 9): Organic product

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If you see a 5-digit code beginning with 9, the chances are the fruit is produced organically. This also means that it is grown in accordance with USDA organic standards. Organically produced fruits are expensive than the conventionally produced ones.

A 5-digit code (starting with 8): Genetically modified product

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If the PLU code has 5 digits starting with 8 then the fruit is genetically modified (it has genes from other organisms). These are also known as GMOs or genetically modified organisms. Many countries have banned GMOs.

Having known about the fruit labels next time make sure to buy the fruits only after checking the label.

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