These Cartoon Characters With Psychological Disorders Will Shock You!

We all grew up watching our favorite cartoons on TV!

I still remember the cartoon shows which used to air during vacations!

Oswald, Pingu, Noddy, and Bob the Builder! I still love to watch them today (of course, the same recorded shows in this technology driven world!)

But, apart from being some of the most entertaining characters in your childhood, your favorite cartoon characters have varied shocking psychological disorders!

Read on to know more about your favorite cartoon characters with psychological disorders.

Bugs Bunny

  • Although one might easily pick out many cartoon characters with psychological disorders, Bugs Bunny tops the list. You might not know, that bugs bunny has almost everything which is classified as a psychological disorder.
  • Bugs Bunny has Borderline Personality Disorder.
  • This can be said because of his nature of being funny, crazy, and emotional at the same moment!
  • He can adopt different disguises which make us believe that he has a personality disorder!
  • Because of his anti-social behavior, he does not do anything to improve his emotional distress when needs are.


  • I love them (Who won’t, they are so adorable!). But, not even they are spared from the list of cartoon characters with psychological disorders.
  • They easily get distracted by the things that otherwise need no distraction.
  • Minions are suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
  • This comes from the fact the fact they are very playful and have a disturbing inability to control themselves.


  • This cute little mermaid is beautiful and adorable.
  • This is a gorgeous fish having big dreams to achieve!
  • She is extremely clingy.
  • Ariel might be suffering from disposophobia, kind of psychological disorder which makes her too clingy!
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  • This extremely genius boy is way beyond being a genius!
  • His secret laboratory depicts it all! But, this very laboratory hides the fact that Dexter is another cartoon character with psychological disorders.
  • Because of his attention gaining thing, he might be suffering from Asperger’s syndrome, which makes people very restrictive in getting social. Such people live in their own small world!
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Well, my parents always used to tell me that these cartoons are mad, so don’t watch it for a longer time. Otherwise, you will become mad as well!

Now I know why they were saying this! 😀

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