5 Activities Guys should try before they Turn 30

5 things to cross off your bucket list before turning 30

There are two types of people: those who think that turning thirty is awesome and they can’t wait to settle down with their significant other in peace and monotony, and the rest of us who can’t understand the first group. No matter where you stand on the matter, and no matter if that thirty-year birthday cake is near or far away in the future, you will regret not experiencing certain activities when you were in your 20s.

Along with your usual partying and drinking, till someone picks you up from the hospital or the precinct the following morning (which you can still do after you turn 30, by the way), there are some rewarding experiences you can only truly appreciate as a free twenty-something-year-old. Here are the five things you want to cross off your bucket list before the clock strikes midnight.

5 activities guys should try before they turn 30

1. Take a last-minute flight abroad

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Let’s face it, you’re going to have to settle down a bit at some point, and spur-of-the-moment decisions won’t be as easy to make when you have to go to work at 9 AM and your kid’s dance recital is at 7 PM. Plus, do you honestly think you could just fly away somewhere with our buddies, and live to tell the tale? Nope, your better half will make sure none of that happens.

That’s why you want to grab the last chance when you’re actually free to call your own shots and take a surprise flight with your crew somewhere where you don’t know the language and the experiences are wild and cheap. Make sure your party responsibly and let at least one person back home know where you’ve gone, just in case.

2. Jump out of an airplane

It’s not so much a problem whether or not your significant other will allow you to jump out of a metal can flying 10,000ft in the air so much as it the problem of your own sense of bravery and adventure after you cross that thirty-year threshold. The science is quite simple, you turn thirty, your testosterone levels slowly start to dip over the years, and numerous behavioural patterns you knew and love start to change.

It’s only natural, don’t worry. But that should be a wake-up call for you to do something truly exhilarating and utterly terrifying while you still got the manly cojones to back you up in your endeavor. Plus, there is nobody to nag about how it’s straight back for dinner afterwards.

3. Explore the wilderness with dirt biking

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The main reason why you want to combine the great outdoors with metal, gasoline, and speed, is that you simply won’t have the time for it when you’re older. Motocrossing up and down the mountain ranges, camping in the wilderness afterwards, and taking prolonged excursions into the great outdoors might be amazing in every sense of the word, but it’s also time-consuming and challenging.

Once you’re thirsty, you won’t have the time or drive to tackle such a challenge. But you know that you want to try it now. Before you roll out on your trusty metal steed with your buds, be sure you have all the necessary protective equipment with you, such as Alpinestars motocross gear that will safeguard your body from falls and mishaps on the road. Remember, safety is of the utmost importance, no matter how invincible you might feel.

4. Win a fight or two

Okay, there is no need for you to ever get into a physical fight with someone, nor should you instigate such a situation. However, there is a certain feeling of personal accomplishment among men and a sort of a rite of passage in the male world when you know you won a fight at some point in your life.

No street fighting, though, but rather a simple sparring session at the gym, or an MMA class. Winning a fight before you turn thirty can do wonders for your self-esteem, it will help you believe in yourself and it will, as they say, make a real man out of you. Even if it is all in your head and your better half couldn’t care less – you will know, and you will be proud of yourself.

5. Buy that one thing you always wanted but couldn’t afford

Finally, every man deserves to treat himself at some point, and the more you wait for the perfect moment, the less likely you are to grab a chance to do it. So don’t wait until you have kids and a family because then it will be too late. Rather, get yourself that one thing you always wanted, and don’t look back. You will be happier than ever for not letting yourself miss this opportunity.

You should have a bucket list and a “before I’m thirty” list. Be sure you cross off these five rewarding activities before you turn thirty and you will be a happier man ready to turn a new chapter in the book of life with a smile.

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