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Are these Common Lifestyle Habits Good or Bad?

Okay, so a lot of us follow a set of habits in our daily lives and most of us are unaware of the fact that few of them are actually not good habits rather bad. An effect to it, these bad habits have adverse effects on one’s health and may cause a problem in the long run.
So, today am here with some of the bad habits which you guys fellow in your day to day life.

7 Hours and Less Sleep

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Well, most of us go through so busy schedules that sometimes it becomes next to impossible for us to take proper sleep and in few exceptional cases one has such a routine that they are obliged to sleep for less than 7 hours a day.

But, people for your information, let me tell you it isn’t a good habit at all to sleep less than 7 hours a day not just this but it also leads to weakening our immunity and rest of our bodily processes. And at the end resulting in low level of antigen production, henceforth declining immunity system.

Earphones, too often?

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If the answer to the question is yes, so my dear friend you’ll be unhappy to know that it’s a bad habit and you follow it regularly.

All in this case I want to say is, stop using earphones too often before it’s too late because you may loss your hearing for forever. And even if you use it make sure you hear it on audible voice.

Wearing Heels

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To the ladies out there, who loves to wear heels no matter where they are going and spend their whole day in a pair of fancy heels. You girls are making yourselves prone to back pain arthritis pain, tendon injuries and to a lot other life long aching issues.

According to doctors, even if you are willing to wear heels regularly so you should not exceed more than 1.5 inches.

Not Hungry and Eating?

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Personally, I think this is the worst habit of all. Eating when you are not hungry will cause an interruption in the passage of your hunger signals and as a consequence of it, you’ll eat whenever you want to which in return risk you to diseases like heart diseases, diabetes, acidity and obesity too.

Regular Medicines

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Popping out medicines every day for your aches and a lot of other stuff has a lot of hazardous effects and is one of the major bad habits with some serious health issues.

Skipping Breakfast

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Youngsters these days are in the usual habit of skipping breakfast, not just youngsters but working people to do this and it isn’t a good habit at all. Skipping breakfast can have a negative effect on one’s metabolism and can affect your energy reserved as well.

Nail Biting

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Yeah, I know it’s just so common for anyone to do the same. But unfortunately, its the worst habit of all as it’s not hygienic at all and also leads the way to dental and stomach problems. Not just this but it also affects our social life.

Well, if you’re from one of those who is health freaks then you’ll be upset to know that according to a research diet Soda actually have an opposite action to our body than what it is supposed to do. It also increases our appetite and some serious heart disorders.

If yes, then you should stop it right away, because the recipe of a smoothie has fruits, nuts and milk. And having a smoothie for the breakfast welcomes a lot of calories to your morning diet.

Fruits are though good for health but having them too much at the same time leads to increase insulin and blood sugar levels.

To be honest it was beyond my imagination too but actually this is true, using hand sanitizer is one of the bad habit we follow each day.

According to US Food and Drug Administration hand sanitizers have a synthetic compound called tricolosan which is actually a poor replacement of soap and water and cause some serious damage to our health.

So guys and gals leave all these bad habits before its too late and you encounter some serious health issue cause of them. And try to adopt good habits contrary to then as soon as possible.

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