3 Facts About Your Four Years at College That Shock Everyone

Going off to college is an exciting time for most people. 

Expectations for the future are always high, but when faced with the reality of college life, many people are overwhelmed with what to do next. 

Some people aren’t on top of their game going into college, and as a result, spend four years wasting their time. However, for others, it’s a transformative time in their life and the making of them as people.

As you enter your first year in college, consider these shocking facts that may change your ways of thinking about your time there.

College Shockers

While it’s exciting to think about going to college, there are a few myths that need to be debunked before you head off. 

High school is a time when people are expected to excel in the classroom and in extracurricular activities, which can be overwhelming for some people. 

Students start planning immediately what they will study in college and how they will spend their four years. 

They want college life to be a dream come true, but sometimes that’s not the case and instead, it becomes an exercise in futility for four years.

Here are a few things you won’t immediately know.

You Won’t Study as Much as You Think You Will

If you believe you’ll spend your four years as a college student living in the library, think again. 

Many people hope to spend their days in school, working towards a degree that will land them the job of their dreams. 

Yet, not everyone has the discipline or is willing to devote the time necessary to make it a reality. 

Transferring Colleges Isn’t Uncommon

Many students believe that changing schools means starting from scratch and having to put in the hard work again to get their degree, but this isn’t true.

Websites like make it easy to find out the types of courses that are offered at different schools, so you’ll know what you’re getting yourself into before you start your first semester.

Going to Classes Isn’t Mandatory

Some professors want students to come to class, but some will tell them to stay home and study more. 

Some students take their professors’ words to heart and don’t go to class, believing that the information will be covered in their own time outside of the classroom. 

The obvious thing is, however, that without going to class, getting an education during your years in college is much harder. 

You won’t get a good grade if you don’t put in the time and effort to go through each class as well as studying outside of class.

Making Friends Isn’t as Easy as You Imagined

Most students make friends with people from their major, not roommates. Through your time in school, you will meet many people, but once exams are over, many can’t wait to get out of school and take on the real world. 

There’s no requirement for being friends with everyone

Instead, you should focus on the people that make your life easier, those in your major or who live in your area of town. 

If you plan to live close to campus after graduation, this is a good idea since it will be more convenient for you to visit them throughout your time off from school. 

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