Copy or Coincidence: The Countries with Strikingly Similar Flags

Let’s have a look at some of the World’s most similar flags.

Flag! The word itself gives goosebumps and fills your heart with emotions of pride, patriotism, and love for your country.

The flag is the sole identity of any nation. The flag of any nation depicts its religious philosophy, values, political resemblance. The Tricolor holds an auspicious and supreme value for the country. The flag has its own aura and beauty and so has the flag of my country India.

Although every country’s flag depicts its philosophy, tradition, and values, there are many countries whose flag closely resemble each other. They have a very subtle difference or are strikingly identical.

Have you also felt the confusion during World Cups, Olympics and various Summits where the country’s flag represent the country by looking at these twin flags?

1. Indonesia and Monaco

The flags of Indonesia and Monaco are exactly same in design with two horizontal stripes of red over white except the shape of the color red is slightly different and also the shade of color red.

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2. Australia and New Zealand

Have you also felt what the difference between the flags of these countries is? The only difference is the flag of Australia have six white seven-pointed stars while New Zealand has four red five-pointed stars with white borders.

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3. Chad and Romania

How can two flags be this similar? These flags have almost everything identical, the only difference you can sight is the slight difference in the shades of blue, yellow and red vertical strips.

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4. Netherlands and Luxembourg

Both of these counties have the tricolor horizontal striped flag of red, white and blue color. The only subtle difference is the tint of blue color.

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5. Qatar and Bahrain

You can only spot the difference of color between the flags of these two countries. Qatar has purple color while Bahrain has the red color.

6. United States, Malaysia, Liberia

All these countries have red and white horizontal strip flag.

Malaysia has the Islamic moon and star instead of fifty stars of the United States.

Liberia has just one star and horizontal strips are six instead of seven.

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7. Ireland and Ivory Coast

The flag of Ireland is a vertical tricolor of green, white and orange while that of Ivory Coast has same colors in reverse order.

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8. India and Niger

These countries have the tricolor flag of orange, white and green. The only contrasting feature is the shade of orange color and Indian flag has 24 stripes circle in the middle while Niger flag has an orange symbol representing the sun.

9. Italy and Mexico

Both the countries have a green, white and red vertical striped flag. The difference is Mexican flag has a national coat of arms in the center of the flag.

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10. Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Sudan and Yemen

All these Arabic countries have the tri-band flag of red, white and black color.

The middle of Iraq’s flag has ‘Allah-u-Akbar’, Syria has two green stars while the flag of Egypt has Eagle of Saladin.

Sudan has a green triangle on the left side of its flag.

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It is really confusing how these countries have such similar flags? Have they copied or it is mere coincidence?

Apart from all the confusion, we have really spotted the difference and hope this will help us in the identification of flags during Olympic.

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