The Forbidden Land Of Agartha: A Myth Or Another Hidden Truth?

Is there any evidence of civilization harbouring life beneath the Earth’s surface or is it just a hot solid mass of iron and nickel? There’s still so much to be discovered about our mystical planet and as crazy as it sounds there is an extraordinary theory about the Earth being hollow and a city named Agartha residing deep within.

Agartha is a legendary city known to reside deep inside our planet. Also known by the names Agartta, Agharti or Agarta, it is often associated with Shambhala (a mythical kingdom, mentioned in various ancient texts such as Vishnu Purana, stating it to be the birthplace of Kalki) as the capital city of Agartha. Hindus know Shambhala as Aryavartha (the land of worthy ones, the land of Vedas) and it has also been called as the Land of Living Gods, the Forbidden Land, the Land of White Waters and the Land of Living Fire.

The Entrance

Apparently, there are several entrances to this underground city of Agartha, some of which are in-wells and out-wells of energy including Kentucky Mammoth Cave, in the US, the mysterious Bermuda triangle, the Soviet Union and interestingly one being the Himalayan Mountains in Tibet which is allegedly guarded by the Hindu Monks.

Alexandre Saint-Yves d’Alveydre, a 19th-century French occultist published his first account on Agartha saying that this hidden world will be accessible for all the mankind when the Anarchy existing in our world is replaced by Synarchy.

The Inhabitants and the Conspiracies

The legend says there was an ancient race that populated the Earth surface millions of years ago and then moved to the underground city, structuring their own environment and necessities.

The Shaver Mystery is one of the most controversial tales about the dwellers of inner Earth.

A man named Richard Shaver claimed to be the guest of the so-called forbidden kingdom of Agartha. As he didn’t have any evidence to prove the same, only a few people actually believed him.

He contended that their race realized that the Sun was causing them to age prematurely and eventually decided to seek a new home underground.

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Did Hitler really die or did he escape to the city within? Food for thought right?

It is a very well documented theory about Nazis exploring arctic regions to set up bases and test weapons and also that they were obsessed with the occult and esotericism. It doesn’t stop here, there are conspiracies about Hitler escaping to that world. There are pieces of evidence that indicate that the Nazis spent a lot of time searching for Agartha as an escape for Hitler in the case of a dire emergency.

Some believe that the US government is already aware of the city and covering up the facts. There are so many things they hide, who knows what else they are hiding!

Agartha Proof in Ancient Cultures

Just when you think these theories are nothing but fantasies and excessive imaginations, there are actual pieces of evidence in ancient history of another world within our Earth. The possibility of Earth being hollow and the idea of a secret civilization has flooded people’s mind through centuries. It is said that the Pharaohs of Egypt accessed and communicated with the underground world through tunnels hidden in the Pyramids and many more beliefs just like that.

What’s astonishing is a Map made by cartographer Heinrich C. Berann that shows an entrance to the inner world of Agartha. The map has the most captivating detail of underwater passage running along the entire continent and congregates at the exact location identified as the opening to the hollow Earth.

A mathematical genius, Leonard Euler contented that the Earth is hollow with a central sun and it was inhabited.

There have been several operations conducted by the Russians who attempted to drill down as far as possible to see if the tales were true, but the team couldn’t find Agartha and still believes that it’s further down.

Although many of the theories were proven wrong, new discoveries about the Earth’s crust came into light. For instance, a layer of basalt was found completely missing and the presence of water was detected where it shouldn’t have been.

True or just a wild imagination, no one knows what is really down there!

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