5 Ways Look and feel good in your skin

Looking and feeling good in your own skin is very easy in theory. When push comes to shove though, we often find it hard to find the beauty in ourselves that everyone else seems to see. This is simply because we’re not looking in the right places or the right way. The most common mistake people make is hating themselves for all the things they’re not. In that process, they very easily forget that they should love themselves for all the things they are.

Flipping through magazines and looking at fashion articles online can only make you feel worse because of the perfection portrayed everywhere. Real people don’t all have the same body shape or look good in the same clothes, so you shouldn’t feel ashamed that you don’t look like someone from a magazine. You’re beautiful simply because you’re you- it’s high time you discovered it.

5 Ways Look and feel good in your skin

1. Beauty sleep

Though it may not seem like much, sleep is actually essential for feeling and looking good. There’s a reason they call it beauty sleep. With enough rest, your body can function better than ever before. The thing you need to know is that the body heals during sleep and processes stress better when it’s well-rested. It also does wonders for your complexion.

You should aim for a healthy eight hours of sleep each night. If you don’t manage to sleep for so long, leave at least half an hour for a nice nap. If possible, you should even let yourself sleep in without an alarm clock on weekends.

2. The old-reliables

The two most reliable things to help you feel and look good in your own skin are exercise and dieting. Yes, you’ve read that a thousand times but it somehow seems impossible for you to do it. Every time you start, you just end up giving up after a week or two. That’s only because you haven’t been doing it the right way.

These might be essential healthy lifestyle habits, but they’re also very hard to implement if you didn’t carry them into adult life while you were growing up. Start with just eating right first. Downsize your meals but eat more frequently so that you’ll always feel full. That will help you stop craving the sugar and saturated fats that you love, too.

Once you’ve been eating right and feeling good for a few months, it’s time to start exercising. You should start slow, with just running or other low-intensity exercises like Yoga. Once you build up your strength and stamina, you can experiment with various workout programs and find the one that fits you best.

Not only will you objectively look more attractive, but you’ll also feel it. Exercise and a proper diet give you more energy, make you happier, and give you the confidence you were missing.

3. Pampering as a lifestyle

Pampering shouldn’t be just something you do on occasion to treat yourself. It should be a way of life. Wellness rituals are key to making yourself feel and look more beautiful. You’ll have a much easier time being yourself when you’re clean, well taken care of, soft, and smell really nice. Restyle your hair, get your nails done, and don’t run away from new skincare routines.

The new you may be something you’re not used to, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. You’ll notice that it will be much easier to get used to something good. The way your new hairstyle flows, your nails look, and your skin feel will be enough to keep you pampering yourself on a regular basis.

This kind of lifestyle doesn’t have to be expensive, either. Aside from the beauty appointments you need to get done professionally, you can also have your own little rituals. Make your own hair mask so you’ll only need a blowout, for example. Don’t go for the top-shelf skin creams- create your own remedies at home. Using all-natural ingredients will be much healthier for you, too.

4. Your #1 fan

Your number one fan should be you, of course. One way to look and feel better in your own skin is to work on your confidence. As a world-renowned plastic surgeon, Doctor Farhadieh likes to say: “Confidence captivates; confidence is beautiful. In fact, confidence is everything. It can be the driving force that enables us to reach our full potential.”

Rile yourself up about the things you do and the way you look instead of putting yourself down. The best way to do this is why standing in front of the mirror and finding things you like about yourself. Try finding just one thing to focus on, then slowly expand your network of things your find pretty on yourself, until you’ve grasped the full picture. Sooner or later, you’ll work your confidence up and hold your head up high walking down the street.

Another method you can try is to write down things you like about yourself. This way, you won’t forget them. Every time you’re feeling down and unattractive, you can read them to remind yourself just how beautiful you are. Don’t forget to fill out your journal regularly as you grow and discover more things to like.

5. Time for a makeover

Rediscovering your closet is essential for finding the beauty within. You could be a supermodel for all you know, and it will never show simply because you’re choosing the wrong clothes for your body. Of course, you’re not going to feel comfortable in your own skin when you’re doing everything to hide behind your clothes or when you don’t pay attention to style at all.

Start by cleaning out and reorganizing your closet. Then, once the old things are all gone, treat yourself to a shopping spree and buy something entirely different. Maybe the style that goes with you best will be the one you’ve never thought to try on. Black doesn’t have to be the only colour in your closet anymore, either. Show off your best features and keep experimenting with styles until you land on the one that just speaks to you and your body. Not only will you look more attractive, but you’ll also feel it. You’ll never have to deal with feeling second-class when you’re walking down the street again.

If you don’t feel confident enough to do this yourself, you can always ask a trusted friend for help. They will know exactly how to help you and give you honest advice on how well different clothes suit your body. Don’t be afraid of a little constructive criticism, as it can help push you in the right direction and turn you into a real fashionista. Having a friend help you can also push you further out of your comfort zone, increase your confidence, and make you fall in love with fashion even if it wasn’t your style, to begin with.


With these tips, you’ll be able to find the beauty you’re looking for. Sometimes the love for ourselves is well-hidden, but that doesn’t mean we should give up searching for it. There’s nobody in this world that will love and respect you more than you. Once you realize that, you’ll be one step closer to finding that beauty hidden deep within. Soon enough, you’ll be washed over with a sense of calm and comfort. When you look in the mirror, the first thing you’ll notice is your amazing smile and the serenity radiating through you. It’s a long journey, but you’re worth it. Don’t forget that.

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