20 Abbreviations Full Form we Never knew About

An abbreviation is a short form, which is used to substitute a bigger word.

20 Abbreviations Full Form we Never knew About

1. MRF

For instance, MRF, the logo that we used to see in Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar’s Bat, Stands for Madras Rubber Factory.

But MRF is not something we use daily. There are many abbreviations that we use daily, without even knowing their actual meaning!

2. BYE

Who knew bye is actually an abbreviation? Be it a one-to-one conversation or social media chats, the word bye is extensively used everywhere.

The Abbreviation “BYE” stands For “beside You every time”

Via – i.redd.it


Everyone loves to hear or crack a joke!

The Word JOKE stands for “Joy Of Kids Entertainment”


BREAKING NEWS! Makes sure it always breaks at the right time and at the right spot!

The word NEWS stands for “North East West South”

Now we know why they are on-time every time!

Via – storystandardsguide.com


A smile has the power to make or break a person’s day. The Word SMILE Stands for “Sweet Memories In Lips Expression”.

6. PEN

I have a PEN, I have an APPLE, UH, APPLE-PEN!

The word PEN stands for “Power Enriched NIB”

7. AM/PM

The clock says 10 AM! God, I am late again!

AM Stands For Ante Meridiem (Latin; Meaning Before Mid-Day)

PM Stands For Post Meridiem (Latin; Meaning After Mid-Day)

Via – pbs.twimg.com

8. e.g.

Every exam writer knows this.

e.g. stands for “Exempli Gratia” which means ‘For Example’

9. i.e.

i.e. stands for “id est” which means ‘That Is’/’This Is To Say”’

For example, Today is 4th November, i.e. Friday.

I think this is eery student’s favorite word in exams.

ETC stands for “et cetera

10. ATM

ATM Stands for Automated Teller Machine.

11. SIM Card

SIM stands for Subscriber Identity Module, which is used in mobile phones for a contact number.

12. FIR

FIR Stands for First Information Report, noted by the Police.

13. I.Q.

I.Q. stands for Intelligent Quotient.

Via – newafghanpress.com


SMS Stands for Short Message Service.

MMS Stands for Multi-Media Message.

15. PIN

By the word PIN, I mean the code which we use in our ATMs.

PIN stands for Personal Identification Number.

16. USB

USB Stands for Universal Serial Bus.

17. LCD/ LED

LCD Stands for Liquid Crystal Display.

LED Stands for Light Emitting Diode.

18. DVD

DVD Stands for Digital Versatile Disc.

19. LMV

You may find this on your driving license.

LMV Stands for  Light Motor Vehicle.

20. Chess

CHESS Stands for Chariot, Horse, Elephant, Soldiers.

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