9 Ways to Host a Perfect Girls Evening

A girls’ evening is a cherished tradition, offering the perfect opportunity to bond with your closest friends, unwind from the stresses of daily life, and create lasting memories. While hosting such an event can seem daunting, it doesn’t have to be complicated. You can host the perfect girls’ evening with careful planning and creativity. This guide will walk you through the key elements of creating a memorable girls’ night.

9 Ways to Host a Perfect Girls Evening

1. Guest List and Invitations

Start by selecting the guest list, inviting those friends whose company you genuinely enjoy and who will make the evening a fantastic experience. Send out fun and creative invitations, digitally or with physical cards, setting the tone for the night. Personalized messages, funny anecdotes, and a hint of excitement will build anticipation.

2. Theme and Decor

A theme can add more enjoyment to your girls’ evening. Choose a theme that resonates with your group’s interests, whether it’s a cozy movie night, a spa retreat, or a DIY craft party. Decorate your space with candles, fairy lights, and colorful accents to create a welcoming and cozy atmosphere.

3. Entertainment

Select activities and entertainment that align with your chosen theme. Create a list of chick flicks or classic films for a movie night. A spa night could involve face masks, massages, and relaxing background music. A craft night could involve DIY projects or even a paint-and-sip session. Remember your friends’ preferences to ensure everyone has a great time.

4. Food and Drinks

No girls’ evening is complete without indulgent treats. While you could spend hours cooking, ordering takeout from your favorite local restaurant is often more enjoyable. For the perfect girls’ evening, elevate your dining experience by ordering delicious takeout from Urban Tandoor in Clifton, known for their mouthwatering Indian cuisine that will undoubtedly add a flavorful twist to your night. Remember to inquire about dietary restrictions and preferences when placing your order.

For drinks, have a selection of wine, cocktails, or non-alcoholic beverages. A signature cocktail or mocktail can be a delightful addition to the evening. If your friends enjoy wine, consider a wine and cheese pairing to elevate the experience.

5. Games and Activities

Incorporate some games or activities to keep the fun going throughout the evening. Depending on your group’s interests, consider playing board games, card games, or even a friendly round of trivia. The key is to foster a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere where everyone can participate.

6. Create a Relaxing Ambiance

Set the mood with soft lighting, background music, and comfortable seating arrangements. Provide cozy blankets and pillows for added comfort. You aim to create a haven where your friends can unwind, be themselves, and enjoy each other’s company.

7. Dessert Delights

After your savory takeout dinner, satisfy your sweet tooth with a selection of delectable desserts. You can order a variety of sweet treats such as cupcakes, ice cream, or a decadent chocolate fondue. Desserts add an extra layer of indulgence to your girls’ evening.

8. Keepsakes and Party Favors

As a thoughtful touch, consider providing keepsakes or party favors to commemorate the evening. Small tokens like scented candles, custom coasters, or personalized mugs can be a lovely reminder of the fun times shared with friends.

9. Relax and Enjoy

As the host, remember that the perfect girls’ evening is about creating and enjoying a beautiful setting. Be present, participate in the activities, and savor the moments. The most unforgettable nights are those when you are fully engaged with your friends.


Hosting the perfect girls’ evening creates an atmosphere of relaxation, enjoyment, and bonding. With a well-thought-out theme and engaging activities, you can create a memorable night that your friends will cherish. So, set the date, send out those invitations, and prepare for an unforgettable evening of fun, laughter, and delicious takeout delights.


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