10 Effective Tips For Strong Nails

Clean, healthy nails may be a positive health predictor, but our nails aren’t as sturdy as we would want them to be. Strong and elegant nails are a dream of every person, but due to some reason, our nails become brittle or unhealthy.

The positive thing is that we can still make lifestyle and behavioural adjustments to improve the nails further to keep them where we like them. Here are a few tips for strong nails you should use to make your nails get better in no time.

Helpful Tips For Strong Nails You Can Follow

1. Stay Hydrated

It is necessary to drink enough water for well-being, and nail safety is no exception. Nails can become brittle without enough moisture, and crack and peel quickly. Drinking adequate water makes them remain hydrated and healthy. It retains the moisture in them that doesn’t let them become brittle.

2. Eat A Proper Diet

Be sure you eat a balanced and diverse diet and take a nutrient multivitamin. A diet lacking in essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, will impact the whole body — including the nails. Bad fingernails are an indicator of an unhealthy body. It is possible to keep both of them healthy with an adequate diet.

3. Don’t Use Nail Paint Often

While the nail polish looks good along the same lines, the nails need to breathe. It can be damaged by repeated usage of nail paint, including non-toxic ones. The nail paint, if kept for a longer period, might seep into the layers of nails, damaging it.

Remove the nail polish with an acetone-free polish remover after using nail polish for a week or two, and then let the nails stay polish-free for a week.

4. Minimize Water Exposure

Soaking for long in water will render the nails thin and brittle. When cleaning dishes, use gloves or cover them with something. Try to hold your hands out of the water. When you keep nails in the water for too long, it sucks out all the moisture from it, making them soft. It’s hard to stop keeping your hands underwater at all times, of course, so that is something to be mindful of.

5. Always Use Good Products

Many nail polishes or procedures include harsh chemicals and may, in turn, damage the nails. Nail polish remover containing acetone should be stopped because it may harm the nails by dehydrating them. Look for non-toxic, saturated nail polishes, as well as an acetone-free polish remover.

6. Keep Your Nails Short

Long nails are more likely to injure and be stuck on items, whereas shorter nails are less likely to be chipped, broken, or damaged, helping to hold them healthy. Keep trimming your nails regularly, maintaining proper hygiene for healthy nails. It prevents your nails from having erratic cuts, unnecessary breaking, or snagging.

7. Use Moisturizer On Your Nails

Use a hand serum on your hands after cleaning the nail polish, or if you find you’re not hydrated sufficiently, make sure the nails are moisturized. It would be best if you did this while you were washing your hands. You can use any essential oils or rosewater on your nails and massage them thoroughly. Moisturizing helps in proper absorption by the nails, helping them grow faster and healthier.

8. Don’t Use Your Nails To Do Other Things

Using the finger pads instead of opening a soda container, or using a paper clip to touch something in a tight room might not damage your nails. The use of the nails as tools will contribute to breakage and cutting, which will damage the nail.

9. Avoid Dry Products

Trying not to have anything on your hands, so do not overdo anything should you use hand sanitiser. Applying hand sanitiser regularly may be dangerous for the fingers. It is how the sanitiser dries off nails (and hands) and triggers damaged nails. Drying of the nails might produce itching or some irritation. It is best to avoid such products for healthy nails.

10. Consult A Doctor

See a doctor if you’ve implemented several items for many weeks and have not seen any improvement in your nails. A doctor will take a glance at your nails and ask you questions regarding your general wellbeing and schedule. A doctor will administer some prescriptions to strengthen nails or some creams, if appropriate, to improve the nails. Please don’t use any cream or medicines without a doctor’s advice, as it may lead to unwanted allergies.

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