The absolutely lowest story line of CALLIGRAPHY

Welcome to the jobless country write-up.

The key to a sorted and fast-paced life is the internet connectivity. From adding over WhatsApp groups to all the facilities like net banking, paytm etc. have minimised the day to day chaos over many long terms pending works. With the spurt in technologies and long distanced reaching internet facilities, many professions have been on a shutdown pace. One of the most known yet non-famous professions was CALLIGRAPHY.

Essence of Calligraphy

Calligraphy- the art of handwritten lettering is one of the sucked up profession after the internet visitation. Mohammad Ghalib is one of the last remaining Katibs (calligraphers) working in a small shop in Urdu Bazaar, Old Delhi. The man isn’t less of a talent and had an amazing collection of calligraphy. Ghalib stated that people always get impetuous over commenting that the passion is the reason for the calligraphers to rule over the ancient art but without reviewing the basis from a calligrapher itself the statements by people should not be believed. Mohammad said, “We Katibs learned this art as a means to earn bread. I did it because I knew it was a respectable job alongside educated people. The passion was born later.” He also spoke that before the onset of computers it was the most valued position but the situation distorted after the beginning of computers as no more designs are given to the calligraphers as everything is being downloaded and getting printed.

Calligraphy is an art that only few can master

As we all know, hand-made things have always been kept in a precious and super-costly bucket. But, like every coin has its flip side and so this calligraphic profession whose existence has all been vanished by these so-called varieties of internet designs.

The bitter truth about this internet evolution is that internet downloaded designs of lettering cannot match the amount of patience, hard work and enthusiasm our Katibs had been doing for our calligraphic design demands. Ghalib further stated, “There is a special way to sit when writing letters in Calligraphic style. We would follow it, especially when writing for newspapers. We were told that we would learn it only if we sit in a particular position. Moreover, we were told to hold our breath when writing, so that our hands would not shake. I am 55 now, and this is not all easy.”

This is how time has changed…

With the generation of computers and internet, the world is getting faster and more or less impatient. Everyone nowadays feels exacting by the feeling of ‘Who would wait for the new design than to give the new design to the calligrapher and still have to wait for their lettering to be handed over to them’. To cut-short their time and level of patience, people are hung up over the internet and hence shutting the careers of many such calligraphers. It has also been observed that not many of the new generations are opting for the profession for calligraphy. In addition to calligraphy, there are many such jobs which have been battened down like the job of translators, postman, markets, and shops are not being littered as they used to be before, after the incoming of online shopping. Many more professions like public transport like buses, rickshaws, auto-rickshaws are on the less income ladder and being lesser opted by people after the advent of Uber/Ola cab driven system and 24 hours internet connectivity services over the smartphones. Many have become jobless, homeless and remorsefully under have been categorised under the below the poverty line.

So, after being wrapped by all the reasons one can only gulp that though we are getting developed day by day to spurt in unemployment is polishing off our country’s growth.

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