The Biggest Nail trends in 2022

Every year a new colour of nail polish is in trend, and along with, new types of the design appear. But there are shades that remain relevant despite changing fashion. Actual nail polish colours in 2022 are conditionally divided into classic, traditional and new, which are going to become a trend.

The latest fashion trend in 2022 will be pastel colours, but it is also worth taking note of more bold ones – green, crimson, gold. Nowadays any fashionista can find a colour that will suit her taste and lifestyle. However, it is important not to be confused about the variety of shades and designs. So, now we will tell you which colours will be the most relevant in the near future.

5 new colours of nail polish

On the eve of the new year, experts announced which colours will dominate in the fashion industry in the near future. Take a look and remember which nail polish colours are basic and suitable for everyone – they can serve as a model and a guide for fashionistas in the upcoming seasons.

  • Snow white is the color of perfect purity. It reflects our aspiration for simplicity, calm, and inner harmony.
  • Dip powder nails – the soft color with a rose tint, it gives a feeling of comfort and a memory of a walk on a summer beach.
  • Basil – an unusual aromatic basil charges with positive and with health, and improves well-being.
  • The northern drop — a very light shade of gray will help to create a feeling of absolute calm.
  • Poppyseed – the rich gray color of the poppy seed resembles a stone, its silent power is a touch of eternity.

Classic colours – fashion trend for the all-time

Different colours or shades are relevant every year, but the classics do not lose their popularity. This is especially true for red, it never loses its leading position. It has a lot of fans who like a variety of shades from its palette – from screaming scarlet to dark, turning into burgundy.

The special charm of red is that it is universal, suitable for all styles, and appropriate in any situation. Most of the women who have decided to get a manicure, but don’t know their preferences, eventually opt for one of the varieties of red. 

Contrasting colours will also be relevant in the coming seasons: black and white, for example. By the way, elegant snow-white is perfect for the delicate look of the bride. 

The advantage of the black is its stylishness and the ability to attract attention to its owner. 

In addition, black is good as a base. The fashion trend of this season is different patterns on a black background, and so, this combination looks perfect. Experts believe that the black colour on nails will never go out of fashion.

The above also applies to the french manicure – it’s still in fashion. The specific choice of colour is up to the woman here, but the main trend of such a manicure remains maximum naturalness. 

5 ideas with the fashionable nail polish color

1. Transparent paint

A very interesting technique differs in that the ends of the nails are decorated with transparent polish with the application of a slightly visible ornament. This solution looks original, beautiful, and really impressive. 

2. Texture

Nail design with the use of the imitation of natural materials also looks great. So, experiment, try different options, create an imitation of wood, leaves, marble, leaves on the nail plate. Do not limit the flight of your imagination! A pattern of a sea wave, haze, and pearls are in fashion now. Such a design definitely will make life brighter and more diverse. 

3. A combination of the nude palette and gold 

Bold combinations will be most in-demand in the new season. Stylists have put forward the idea to use calm colours and gold in one manicure, which are perfectly combined and look very attractive together. Gold on a background of soft pink tones, beige or white attracts the eye, which will make you the centre of any company. At the same time, the gold decor is delicate and does not create unnecessarily bright spots. Moreover, it is harmonious in any performance: in the form of curls, waves, or lines.   

4. Multilayer stamping

Easy to realize and cute option. Ornaments here can be very different, to your taste. Such nail art looks good on a white or beige background, which is in trend now. However, it is better to do stamping in one shade or on a combination of contrasting colours.

5. Graphic drawings 

Experimenting with a manicure, you can create a real masterpiece of painting in the style of art graphics. Drawings made on a light background will be clearer and more unique. Moreover, it is allowed to use a variety of techniques: unusual hatching, geometric shapes, spots, and lines.


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