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If you have got an idea to make your own podcast, that is a good one. Perhaps, your content can bring new valuable ideas and become popular. Yes, that is possible if you do things well. Are you looking for good examples to guide yourself on the matter or simply want to have a good time at the moment? Here you will find good suggestions on the matter. And we will also tell you why it is important to accompany your podcast with transcriptions. Yes, podcast transcriptions services are things that can make your podcast more accessible and popular (a bit later about this). So, what are good lifestyle podcasts from our point of view?

Entrepreneurs on Fire

This podcast produced by John Lee Dumas provides tips entrepreneurs can apply to become more successful. This podcast contains lots of interviews of leaders who share their secrets of success and motivation. Anyone who makes the first steps as an entrepreneur may find this podcast helpful in overcoming fears (such always exist) and getting inspiration for pursuing one’s goals.

Achieve Your Goals

Another podcast that offers inspiration and tips for reaching goals faster and easier (but in various areas). Here you may find useful action plans and self-help advice on how to achieve far more. The podcast may bring a lot of inspiration and motivation for that.

Zero to Travel

Do you want to rearrange your lifestyle in a manner enabling you to travel a lot around the globe? That is possible thanks to helpful tips you may find here. They include the aspects of online working opportunities, how to arrange your travel with a minimum budget, and, of course, how to make traveling your life priority. Sounds amazing, isn’t it?

Extreme Productivity

This is a podcast for those who want to enhance their productivity dramatically. The most successful people answer the questions about how they managed to become productive. Among such people are self-made millionaires, Olympic athletes, and entrepreneurs. Here you may find tested tips for revising your own strategies of productivity.

Operation Self Reset

Sometimes there is a strong need to take a break and reevaluate your priorities and ways in which you are doing things. This podcast can help you with achieving that. That is a good option for identifying possible weak points and dealing with those effectively, increasing self-confidence, and identifying ways for moving in the right direction.

The Art of Charm

This is a good podcast for arranging your networking well. It can provide you useful tips to apply and improve the communication skills you may have. This is about another lifestyle where better approaches for building health and more productive relations, overcoming possible self-doubts, and gaining extra good habits exist. 

Beyond the To-Do List

This podcast is full of good strategies on how to reach a work-life balance. Here there are useful and helpful tips from the most productive people from all over the world. This is a good place to get tested approaches. Apply such and improve your own life.

Project Life Mastery

This blog is full of good suggestions on how to explore the secrets of success, better ways for developing a winning mindset, and also how to increase your productivity. This is a useful blog where everyone can find helpful and workable tips to apply.

Optimal Living Daily

This is a good and comprehensive podcast as it covers a variety of useful tips. Here you may find good suggestions on how to arrange your finances, health, and personal development in a better way. If you are limited in time for looking through various web resources, this one may become the most useful substitution for that.

Why It Is a Good Idea to Make Transcripts of Audio Content?

There are two cases here. If you like any podcast but are limited on time, making text transcriptions may become a good solution for that case. You may easily enjoy automated transcription services and get content that will be easy to review in a couple of minutes. You will get the essence of that content and save your precious time. 

Another case is related to making your own podcast. Here we can bring you a couple of suggestions too. If you convert audio to text you may look at your content from the other side and notice some minor deficiencies it may have. You can improve that content this way as you may have already accustomed to perceiving it in a certain audio manner. 

Also, making your audio content transcribed is useful from the point of better access for reviewers. Some of them may prefer reading instead of listening for a long time. Some of them may be foreigners and may want to translate text-only. Arranging transcription services for your audio will surely signify your reviewer-oriented approach. This is how you may easily increase the number of reviewers for your audio. And don’t underestimate that. Good examples of podcasts we have provided to you may inspire. DoFollow.

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