The secret to glowing skin unveiled- it’s in your own kitchen!

Have you tried every skin care cream in the world from La Prairie Cellular Cream to Fair & Lovely’s Multi-vitamin cream but still haven’t attained the much claimed ‘fair and glowing skin’?

Well it’s about time that you need to accept the fact that ‘you skin reflects what you eat’. While you are still finding the answer to ‘What makes the skin glow?’ in beauty products, the answer lies in your own kitchen.

Following are some fruits and vegetables that help you glow not only from the outside but from the inside as well.


Tomatoes are great fruits which are rich in antioxidants, cooling and astringent properties. They also help to brighten dull skin, treating sunburn, retaining moisture of the skin, balancing the pH of the skin and also tightening pores.

Tomatoes are rich in Vitamin C which helps to brighten the skin. Lycopene is an antioxidant present in tomatoes. This helps to protect the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun and thus acts as a sunscreen. They also having skin tightening properties. This helps the skin remain taut.



Turmeric has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. It thus helps to brighten areas affected by pigmentation and blemishes. It is known to reduce scarring.

Turmeric paste mixed with a little bit of coconut oil can help the skin to remain healthy and glowing. It also clears up acne breakouts.



Green Tea

Green tea’s anti-ageing properties prevents the skin from sagging and helps it remain youthful and glowing. It also prevents age spots, pigmentation, dullness, fine lines and wrinkles.

Green tea is also used to get relief from constipation, it has positive impacts on digestive health. This results in clear skin.



Coconut water

Coconut water contains lauric acid which prevents skin infections. It also contains proteins called cytokines which encourages skin cells growth.

It also has anti-microbial and anti-fungi properties which prevents acne. The cooling properties of coconut water also reduces body heat.



Apart from being just a healthy breakfast, oats are in rich in fibre. This helps in fighting the gut bacteria. It has silicon which helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin and prevent ageing.


Dark Chocolate

Flavonols present in dark chocolate protect the skin from damage that can be caused by the sun. It also improves blood circulation in the skin and increases skin hydration and density.



Eggs encourage the production of collagen and elastin. They also contain two important proteins- choline and lutein. Choline helps the skin to remain firm and smooth. On the other hand, lutein is an antioxidant which prevents skin damage and maintains the elasticity of the skin.

Here are some more food items that can help your skin achieve that glow:
  1. Blueberries
  2. Avocado
  3. Grapefruit
  4. Kale
  5. Walnuts
  6. Almonds
  7. Lots of Water

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