• LifestyleAmazing Fragrance Hacks To Make Your Perfume Last Longer

    11 Amazing Fragrance Hacks To Make Your Perfume Last Longer

    We all know how necessary and important it is to add a good perfume to your daily routine as it gives a new and wonderful aura to your body. Sometimes it’s your fragrance that attracts many heads towards you, and people get drawn to you. Perfumes should be always long-lasting and give a good fragrance. And though there are many…

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  • Self CareFlawless Base Makeup

    5 Brilliant Techniques For A Flawless Base Makeup

    Most people spend a lot of their hard-earned money investing in makeup products just for that everyday flawless look. According to a study in the US, every woman spends around $8 on cosmetic products every day! However, all of this might be for naught if your base makeup isn’t flawless! While purchasing cosmetic products, you must take into consideration your…

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  • FactsHow Did Disney Princesses Shape Our Childhood?

    How Did Disney Princesses Shape Our Childhood?

    There’s a reason why your sister wants to become one of the Disney princesses. Anyone who has seen these movies has imagined themselves as their favorite Disney princesses. All of us at some point have been obsessed with them, acted them out, and loved having anything with their faces on. We have adored them to bits. As much as we…

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  • Fashion

    Check out this Amazing Wedding Beauty Checklist

    Getting married is one of the biggest life events for any person. This is the day that you must have been dreaming about since your childhood. Even though the bride and groom are equally important, we can all agree that most eyes fall on the bride. She’s the most beautiful and fairest flower of the whole event. This is precisely…

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  • Facts

    Know the importance of Beeswax Candles in your Home Decor!

    Candles, while a great idea to refresh and beautify your home decor, are often packed with additives and preservatives. These hazardous chemicals can give you severe headaches and most of them are bad for homes with pets and children. Therefore, this article discusses the important reasons why you should use natural or beeswax candles in your home decor. You should…

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