7 Mind Blowing Unsolved Murder Mysteries

Murder in itself is a gruesome sin.  Reading about one makes us question our own mortality, what’s even more horrible is that many murders remain unsolved to this day. The killer roams free and the family of the deceased is left with a lifelong scar. Despite the advanced technology and various testing, the police do not always have a potential lead or evidence.

We have prepared a list of a few murders which are so mind-boggling that they are still unsolved.

7 Mind Blowing Unsolved Murder Mysteries

1. Hinterkaifeck

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On the fateful night of March 31, 1922, six residents who lived in Hinterkaifeck, Germany were murdered in their own home with a mattock. The victims were an elderly couple, their widowed daughter, her two children and their maid. There were some rumors around that the father and daughter had an incestuous relationship. The family’s earlier maid left claiming that the house was haunted. A couple of days before the murder, the neighbors had heard from the members, that they had witnessed some unusual activities – set of footprints in the snow leading from the forest to the home but not back, sound of footsteps in the attic and a set of keys missing. Investigators found the bodies days after the murder and concluded that the family was led one by one into the barn to be killed except the maid and the grandson, who were murdered in their house. Hundreds of victims were questioned but all in vain. The case still remains unsolved.

2. The Axeman of New Orleans

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Between 1918 and 1919, eight murders took place in New Orleans and surrounding community with more victims suspected, the murder weapon being an axe. A majority of the victim were Italian-American and were killed with their own axes. On March 13, 1919 someone claiming to be behind these murders, published in the newspaper “I am not a human being, but a spirit and a demon from the hottest hell. I am what you Orleanais and your foolish police call the Axeman. I shall claim other victims as and when I see fit. I alone know whom they shall be. No clue will be found except my axe, besmeared with the blood and brains of the people I send below to keep me company.” A suspicion on the Mafia arose, but no Mafia would kill a woman under any circumstances; and the victims included 2 women and a young girl. The identity of the “Axeman” was never discovered and the killings stopped as abruptly as they had begun.

3. Jack Davis Jr.

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Jack Davis Jr., a student of Indiana University of Pennsylvania was found dead on a campus stairwell in October 1987. Police initially claimed he died by passing out, vomiting, and swallowing the vomit which he then choked on. The family called in a pathologist a few years later whose reports showed that there was no food in his stomach and his skull as fractured in 3 places. The case was opened again owing to these discoveries, but it was soon closed since no further information was found. Amongst the many explanations that formed, one was that Jack was involved in a fight and his attackers dumped his body on the stairwell once he died. However, there was no evidence or suspect to prove this theory.

4. Ron Gillispe

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An anonymous writer who called himself the Circleville Writer wrote to Mary Gillespie in December of 1976. He claimed to know of her illicit relations with the school superintendent and threatened violence to get her to stop. Many months later, her husband Ron got a phone call after which he drove away from the house carrying his gun. His body was found nearby with a bullet wound, the car crashed off the road. Mary’s brother, Paul, was arrested for the murder and incarcerated, though that did not stop the threatening letters. As he was convicted circumstantially and the letters kept coming, Paul was released. The killer has yet to be identified.

5. Blair Adams

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A young Canadian construction worker, Blair Adams, feared someone was after him. After a string of erratic behaviors – withdrawing all money from his savings account, trying to get across the American border (he was denied since he had a large amount of money with him which is a sign of a drug trafficker). Blair managed to cross the border to Seattle in a rental car. He flew one-way to Washington D.C. and drove to Kentucky. In Knoxville, he told a gas station attendant his car wouldn’t start and the attendant told him he had the wrong keys. He hitchhiked to a nearby hotel, checked in and left a little while later. His body was found 12 hours later, naked from the waist down and surrounded in Canadian and American dollars and German marks, in a parking lot.

6. Wil Hendrik

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Wil Hendrick, a student of University of Idaho was attending a friend’s party when he mysteriously disappeared. Rumors arose that Wil had confronted a group of people earlier who commented on his sexuality and he was killed for it. His car was found the next night, parked outside his friend’s house and one day later, it was found parked downtown. The weird twist was that this time it was unlocked and his portfolio was inside. There was no evidence of fiddling, Wil’s partner Jerry thinks a man who earlier yelled gay slurs at Wil, might be responsible. Unfortunately, the man was leaving town and no trail has ever been found. Wil’s body was found in a rural part of his college town three years later.

7. Ruth Cooper, Stephen Harkins, Diana Robertson, Mike Riemer

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A couple went camping near Tacoma, Washington in the summer of 1985. The boyfriend and his dog’s bodies were found dead, by bullet wounds. The girl’s body was found two months later, beheaded with a tube sock around her neck. Four months later, another girl, Diana Robertson’s body was found deep in a Washington forest, murdered the same way as previous girl. Her boyfriend, Mike, had mysteriously vanished except for a blood-stained note that said “I love you Diana”. Police had enough to believe that Mike was the killer, but astonishingly, 25 years later, his skull as found a mile away from where Diana’s body was found. The case is still unsolved and the killer, unknown.

These murder mysteries are a few of the many that have never been solved and the culprit, lives freely without any justice.

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