• FoodEasily Available Foods to Your Rescue

    15 Easily Available Foods to Your Rescue

    Food has always been a way to treat moods and to make you happy in a second. As we all know food is available in a number of varieties each having its pros and cons. Some food items are suitable for one while others are not for others. Each one of us has a food item that we like or…

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  • FoodFoods That Can Lower your Sugar Cravings

    26 Foods That Can Lower your Sugar Cravings

    Sugar craving is extremely common among people. Almost everyone’s got a sweet tooth. People experiencing sugar cravings have a sudden urge to eat something sweet, and it isn’t easy to practice self-control, which results in overeating and crossing the daily calorie intake. However, various foods can help minimize these pesky sugar cravings. 26 Foods That Can Lower your Sugar Cravings…

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  • Health and Wellness

    9 Superfoods to Make The Best Smoothie

    Superfoods are supplement-rich nourishments applauded for giving concentrated portions of nutrients and minerals, which are basic for ideal well-being. Superfoods serve extraordinary benefits for your body. They’re all commonly found and are loaded with numerous supplements that our bodies desperately need; however, don’t get. What’s more, since they are organic and natural, they originate from dedicated ranchers who deal with…

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  • Facts

    Ketogenic Diet as a Form of Weight Loss Plan

    In this generation, a lot of people are becoming more conscious of their figure and most especially on what they eat. They have searched countless diet plans that will help them keep their body healthy and flawlessly beautiful at the same time. But there’s a somewhat new kind of diet that has taken fitness enthusiast by storm and this goes…

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  • Health and Wellnessglowing skin

    The secret to glowing skin unveiled- it’s in your own kitchen!

    Have you tried every skin care cream in the world from La Prairie Cellular Cream to Fair & Lovely’s Multi-vitamin cream but still haven’t attained the much claimed ‘fair and glowing skin’? Well it’s about time that you need to accept the fact that ‘you skin reflects what you eat’. While you are still finding the answer to ‘What makes…

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