How to be the Ultimate Sports Fan in 2020

If you’re a die-hard sports fan, then we’re willing to bet that one or more of your New Year’s resolutions had something to do with your sports obsession. 2020 is the perfect year to take your fandom to championship-level heights. Here’s how you can be the ultimate sports fan this year.

Buy Your Season Tickets

Every sports fan has at least one team that they’re ride-or-die with. So be sure you ride in 2020 and buy season tickets. Being a season ticket holder can be an expensive endeavor, but if you’re able to dish out the money for it then you’ll find the experience hugely rewarding. Season ticket holders are given discounts on food and merchandise, and may be given access to private events that are exclusively for passholders. Furthermore, you’ll get a first-option for tickets should your team make the playoffs.

Don’t quite have the money for season tickets? No problem—you’re not any less of a fan. Consider getting tickets for a half-season, or save up some money and attend the big game versus your rival team.

Find a Local Fan Joint

Sports games are expensive to attend, and there’s also a chance that your favorite team doesn’t play nearby your home city. But in most major cities, you’re bound to find at least one local joint where fans of your team gather to watch the game. Most of the time, these joints are small bars or restaurants. Find a local joint in your area and be sure to head there on game day to cheer on your team with other fans.

Gear Up

Decking yourself out with sports gear is the easiest (and also most fashionable) way to support your team and be a great fan. Every sports fan should have a jersey, hat, or tee shirt with their team’s logo and colors. But here are some other items you can get that’ll take your sports style to a new level:

Don’t forget to personalize your home! Add pillows, bedsheets, rugs, and curtains with your team logo (and if you’re S.O. doesn’t approve, then create a sports-themed man cave or woman cave).

Travel with Your Team

Your sports team can always count on fans to fill up the stadium at home games (unless your team is the Los Angeles Chargers). But they also need you to show your support at away games! Think about travelling to a different city to attend an away game in an opposing team’s stadium. This can definitely be an intimidating experience, so be sure to mind your manners and don’t get too inebriated. Also try and buy tickets in the “away” section, where there’s a greater amount of your team’s fans (usually these seats are right behind their sideline).

Book your flights and hotel room in advance so you can make travel cheaper, and enjoy being able to attend a game in a different stadium.

Place Your Bets

Are you so confident in your team that you’re willing to put money on them? Then put your faith to the test and try a little bit of sports gambling. Don’t bet more than you’re willing to lose, but put in just enough money to have fun with it. You can bet on individual matches, or you can bet on playoff pools, coin tosses, or fantasy leagues.

Boost Your Trash Talking Game

What’s fun about sports is trash talking with your friends, especially if you all root for different teams. Be sure to throw some shade at your rivals on gameday—no regrets, and no backing down!

Stay Tuned-In

Keep up to date with all that’s going on with your team. Subscribe to a sports news service and get mobile alerts whenever there’s breaking news that concerns any of your favorite teams.

Experience New Sports

We all have one or two sports that we love more than others. In 2020, consider trying out a new sport that you’ve never paid much attention to. If you’re a die-hard fan of American football, try watching some European futbol. If you’re a big fan of basketball, try watching ice hockey. Better yet, check out some of the unusual sports that you might never have heard of. Sports fandom is all about community, and some of the more obscure sports have wonderfully dedicated communities that are fun and welcoming to newcomers.

May your teams have a spectacular year and win a championship or two!

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