Manthan A Movie Produced By The Largest Number Of Individuals

We love watching movies! Indians are one of the top moviegoers and consume a lot of Bollywood masala and art movies.

There are many Bollywood movies to reckon with, and one such movie is Manthan. This film indeed deserves a top place in the history of Indian cinema.

Why so? Read on to learn more about this amazing docu-drama of the 70s.

Shyam Benegal’s movie Manthan, which was the movie that was released in the year 1976, was based on the White Revolution and was technically produced by the largest number of individuals 500,000 farmers in Gujarat.

Manthan Movie – Know more about it!

Very few people know about the movie Benegal’s unique middle-of-the-road movie Manthan (Churning). The film was based on a story of the White Revolution that was happening in India. Those who do not know about White Revolution then let me give you light on the same.

manthan movie 1976

White Revolution, which was also known as the Milk Co-operative Movement and Operation Flood, was started by Verghese Kurien (Father of the Indian White Revolution) to achieve the best milk production.

Kurien gave a lot of input and helped writer Vijay Tendulkar to come up with the script.

Collective might for this amazing Docu drama!

The movie was made with a budget of Rupees twenty lakh and what is hard to believe is that the film was entirely crowdfunded by 5,00,000 farmers who donated Rs. 2 each. I guess this is the only movie that was being financed at the ground level. Up that’s true! Not only the documentary was a hit it was also the winner of many National awards. It was also sent for the Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Movie. Wow! That was indeed a great achievement.

The title song Mero Gaam Kathaparey was later used in commercials for Amul.

Here is the famous song

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