The Complete Guide To Wedding Guest Attire

Weddings are great events. For guests, receiving a wedding invitation is one of the best feelings ever, but the primary concern is often to get the right dress code for the function alone. When designing wedding attire, it’s vital to ensure they reflect a particular function and timing. Here is a list of six different wedding attire styles and how to wear them. Also, if you are looking to dress your table to go with ambiance, here are some pretty tablecloth linens.

1. Casual Wedding Guest Attire

Casual Wedding Guest Attire
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Casual wedding guest attire is ideal for a more relaxed event like receptions and outdoor ceremonies. It’s an informal wedding dress code that allows you to wear anything casual as long as it’s comfortable, apart from maybe tank tops, shorts, and jeans unless they are noted as acceptable. A sundress or stunning pants, plus a smart top, can create a perfect combination of casual wedding guest attire.

2. Cocktail Wedding Guest Attire

Cocktail Wedding Guest Attire
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Cocktail wedding attire is a sophisticated and relaxed dress code that is perfect for semi-formal evening weddings exclusive of a formal sit-down event. Cocktail wedding guest attire is relatively less formal and can provide guests a unique classical look and let them have fun with their outfit. Traditionally, cocktail dresses are knee-length, but today, shorter dresses are acceptable. DressBarn provides a wide selection of maxi dresses for weddings and other dress categories, including women’s maternity outfits plus size clothes. Before taking a look at their selection head on over to their website as they are now open online only.

3. Formal Wedding Guest Attire

Formal Wedding Guest Attire
Source: Martha Stewart

Formal wedding guest attire can be anything ranging from a black tie, white tie, a fancy cocktail dress, a dressy pantsuit, and a short or floor-length gown. The formal dress code often denotes a classy, elegant appearance, so the point here is to dress to impress.

4. Semi-formal Wedding Guest Attire

Semi-formal Wedding Guest Attire
Source: Brides

When thinking of a semi-formal outfit, let the time and location of the wedding guide you. An evening wedding ceremony may require darker outfits and slightly formal colors. On the other hand, you may opt for lighter colors and breezy outfits if the wedding is taking place during the day. A dressy skirt combined with an elegant top can do the trick. You can also go for a classy pantsuit or a short dress, slightly below the knee. However, a floor-length gown is considered inappropriate. You can complement your outfit with a nice pair of heels, formal flats, or wedges. If the ceremony will take place outdoors and involve a lot of walking, avoid high heels.

5. Festive Wedding Guest Attire

Festive Wedding Guest Attire

Festive wedding guest attire is a new dress code, and deciphering its meaning can be overwhelming to many. In most cases, this dress code gives guests the freedom to play around and have fun with their outfits. Maxi dresses for weddings provide a wide selection of festive outfits for different styles and events. Festive wedding guest attire has no limitations. You can think of anything that can make you comfortable. Think of anything you can wear for a cocktail party, incorporate accessories, unique textures, embellishments, along bold colors.

6. Smart Casual Wedding Guest Attire

Smart Casual Wedding Guest Attire
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This is a slightly informal attire that aims to promote a stylish look while keeping it easygoing. You can try different outfits, including cropped pants paired with a trendy top, or wear a mid-skirt and complement it with block heels, sandals, or wedges.

In a nutshell, the guest attire is a critical component for the success of a wedding. Therefore, the organizer must ensure they choose what best suits the event.

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