• FashionThe Complete Guide To Wedding Guest Attire

    The Complete Guide To Wedding Guest Attire

    Weddings are great events. For guests, receiving a wedding invitation is one of the best feelings ever, but the primary concern is often to get the right dress code for the function along. When designing a wedding attire, it’s vital to ensure they reflect a particular function and timing. Here is a list of six different wedding attire styles and…

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  • FashionIndian wedding bridal outfits guide

    Perfect Itinerary For An Elaborate Indian Wedding Wardrobe

    A bride is the most important person of a wedding. It is always obvious that every person on your huge guest list has their eyes on the bride. It is often seen that no matter how dashing the groom is or how pretty the bridesmaids are or how supreme the mothers-in-law are, the power of the bride overshadows all. The…

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  • Facts

    5 Unique Details to Make Your Wedding More Fascinating

    As beautiful as all weddings are in their own way, they all have the same goal – the celebration of two people making a lifelong commitment to each other. However, that doesn’t mean that all weddings are the same. Nowadays, couples strive toward originality and they look for wedding planner mentors to take extra steps to personalize their big day…

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  • Fashion

    Check out this Amazing Wedding Beauty Checklist

    Getting married is one of the biggest life events for any person. This is the day that you must have been dreaming about since your childhood. Even though the bride and groom are equally important, we can all agree that most eyes fall on the bride. She’s the most beautiful and fairest flower of the whole event. This is precisely…

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  • Bizarre Marriage Customs from Around the World

    Marriages are such a happy occasion. Though, there are several cultures with traditions so bizarre, it makes us wonder who came up with them. Here we have listed a few. Kumbh Vivah | India via In India, women born with a specific astrological sign due to the position of Mars,  are forced to marry a statue of Vishnu or…

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