Tasty and Healthy Mediterranean diet to enjoy

There are many reasons you might want to eat well in life. It could be that you have got an event such as a wedding or holiday coming up that is incentivising you to look your best, or perhaps you have recently come back from a Mediterranean trip and are feeling inspired by their delicious cuisine. If you are looking to enjoy a healthy Mediterranean diet, there are a few things you can do to help you implement it into your life. Here we take a look at what you can do and some top tips that you can follow.

Why follow a Mediterranean diet?

The Mediterranean diet is known as being one of the healthiest in the world and is packed with healthy fruits, vegetables, grains, olive oil and poultry. If you eat this diet there have been studies to show that you can have improved weight loss, lower blood pressure and reduced risk of being depressed or anxious. You’ll soon find you’re enjoying some of the best Mediterranean food recipes out there and reaping in the health benefits also.

Cook with olive oil 

When you cook, many people tend to reach for vegetable oil or coconut oil, whereas Olive Oil is actually much healthier. This is because Olive Oil is packed with monosaturated fatty acids that can improve your cholesterol and help with things such as your blood pressure. Instead of buying salad dressings from the supermarket, use olive oil to make your own – this is much healthier.

Shop for plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables

Have a look and see if there are any local fruit and veg markets available near you, or any farm shops that you can make the most of. Purchasing fresh fruit and veg can be sprayed with less chemicals and you can find they are much better quality than buying them from a supermarket. Aswell as being fresher and larger, they also can be cheaper and you can get more for your money. Once you have purchased your array of colourful fruit and vegetables, be sure to look at a range of recipes that use these. There are many Healthy Mediterranean food ideas andunique salad recipes you can throw together that are easy to make, taste delicious and are very healthy.

Put thought into your breakfast

Often, we tend to see breakfast as a rush meal before we start our day, yet this isn’t the healthiest approach. While a quick bowl of cereal or a slice of toast can fill you up a bit, it often isn’t enough to keep you going and won’t provide you with the nutrients you require for the day ahead. Instead, look to have a hearty Mediterranean-inspired breakfast with components such as Greek yoghurt, fresh fruit and nuts. Accompany it with some freshly pressed juices or smoothies and you’re on the best path to start your day. 

These are a few top tips to help you enjoy a healthy Mediterranean diet. It doesn’t need to be a challenge to get started and you will find you discover a whole host of delicious meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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