Giethoorn: A Village Without Roads That Pave Way For A Heavenly Trip!

A Village Without Roads Paves The Way For A Heavenly Trip…

Fairytales are synonymous with beauty. The surreal surroundings are not only aesthetic, but they impart a sense of awe and wonder.

A place with colorful flowers, blue lakes, as well as small and beautiful houses is the perfect dream destination for people across the globe. Even as children, most of us have dreamed of visiting these dreamlike destinations at least once in our lives.

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If someone told you, there is actually a place that resembles the setting in a fairytale on this planet, would you jump with joy?

Yes, you don’t have to wait anymore to experience a fairytale life.

Thank God for Giethoorn- A village without roads in the Netherlands.

Giethoorn was founded in 1230. In this village, there are no traces of modern transportation.

People park their vehicles outside before stepping into this magical realm on Earth.

Although one can go around in this village on foot (176 bridges connect different islands to each other in Giethoorn), the major mode of transportation is “Whisper Boats”. These boats have noiseless engines.

So, according to the village’s website, the loudest noise one can hear in this village without roads is the quacking of ducks! And this charming serenity gets disturbed only by the noise of the tourist crowd.

How Did A Small Village Turn Into A Visual Treat For Tourists?

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So, how did this village without roads come into existence?

The initial inhabitants who found Giethoorn in 1230 found a lot of peat deposits.

So, they dug a lot of holes in the village over centuries. And now, the end result is a picturesque village where lakes are the new roads.

Visit Giethoorn. Lean over the bridges and reflect over your own reflection in the crystal clear lakes. Or take a romantic trip with your special someone in the “Venice of the Netherlands”.

Lose yourself in the solitude and tranquility of a place that communicates every day with nature.

Experience some of the best moments in a roadless village through a heavenly trip!

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