Now You Will Know Why Your Fingers Get Wrinkly In Water?

Everyone loves playing with water. Spending hours in a pool or the shower is one of the most enjoyable things to do. But whenever we spend a large amount of time in the water, our fingers and toes get wrinkly. Have you ever wondered why?


Do you know! Our skin has a layer of sebaceous glands. It is known as sebum.

Sebum has fats and lipids. Lipids contain carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. They are present in both the plant and the animal cells. Lipids are water repelling so, they help the sebum in protecting the skin. Hence, it only allows the entry of some amount of water into the skin and acts as a barrier for all the extra water.


Via Source: Acne Care Clinic

Elements like lipids, fatty acids, glycerides, and esters are present in sebum. These contents vary with age. Until six months, a neon nettle’s sebum and an adult’s sebum is almost similar. After six months, it gets changed. In the sebum of a young child, more cholesterol and less amount of squalene are present. This further changes at the age of eight. And then again at puberty. So, the amount changes in accordance with the age.



Sebum protects our skin and hair from water. It not only keeps our skin water-proof but, also protects our skin from harmful bacteria and fungi.

But, a large amount of sebum is also harmful to your skin. Just like a little amount of sugar is essential but, it becomes harmful when taken in a large amount.

When we use water in a limit, our skin will be totally free from wrinkles. However, layers of sebum get washed away when we use a large amount of water. Due to this, more than required water enters into our skin.


Water makes the skin puffy and swelled up. This is completely normal, a simple reaction to a large amount of water entering our skin. There is nothing abnormal or scary about getting wrinkles.

Sebum is produced in a large amount in our body. It gets replenished, even after it is washed away. It needs to be washed off from time to time otherwise, it will have a negative effect on our skin.

Hence, wrinkles are completely normal and do not harm our skin in any way.

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