• LifestyleThings We Can't Control

    25 Things We Can’t Control

    Not everything is in our hands. Sometimes, we should just let things be and simply go with the flow. We should learn to let go of the things that we cannot control and stop overthinking them. 25 Things We Can’t Control 1. How other people treat us We cannot control how other people treat us. It is not in our…

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  • Health and WellnessThe Art Of Manifestation

    The Art Of Manifestation

    Have you blown an eyelash off your hand making a wish? Have you thrown a penny into a “make-a-wish” fountain? Have you lifted your legs up over railroads wishing for that one thing? If you answered yes to any, what you have been practicing is called manifestation and there is an art to it. “Do not die with your music…

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  • Facts

    Why Do People Cross Fingers for Luck, Lies and Promises?

    Turns out, individuals have been crossing their fingers for luck for a long time. The correct roots of this training isn’t completely known. Students of history have two or three ideas on how the cutting edge hone happened. Yet, there is some mystery in this.   (Image credit: Factsandall) Few students of history trust that the training pre-dates Christianity. As…

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