• Factsmysteries of Nidhivan

    All That You Would Want To Know About The Mysteries Of Nidhivan

    Why do people near Nidhivan have permanently blocked their windows with bricks? What is the reason behind the curfew that takes over after the evening Aarti? Vrindavan is one amongst the holiest grounds in India. Moreover, what makes it entirely famous is the Mysteries of Nidhivan. Let’s take you to a ride of unfurling these mind-boggling mysteries. 1. What Mystery?…

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  • HistoryHow Holi is celebrated in different parts of India

    How Holi is Celebrated in Different Parts of India?

    As this vibrant festival of colors approaches, sharing a few thoughts or facts about it becomes paramount. We seldom get curious about what caused these festivals to originate and flourish as they do today. Also, to know how Holi is celebrated at different destinations in India. So, to make your work a little easier and to help you impress your…

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