What Really Works to Prevent UTIs?

A UTI or a urinary tract infection is a bacterial infection that affects the urinary tracts in both men and women. However, women are the ones who feel the symptoms more. If you have experienced the symptoms, especially the one where you feel like peeing even though only a drop comes out and the one where peeing feels like releasing a hot spring of pain, you know a UTI is not something you want in your life. Let’s take a look at what causes them.

What Causes UTIs?

Women are at more risk of getting a UTI because not only are their bladders are shorter than men; their vaginas are closer to the anus. In men and women, risk factors for getting a UTI include;

  • Using a catheter
  • A weak immune system
  • Frequent sex
  • Problems with the urinary tract including kidney stones or prostate cancer

The causes and risk factors are a result of some day-to-day activities. How do you prevent UTIs from occurring often?

What Can Prevent UTIs?

1.Drink water frequently

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Water does not just clean outside our bodies; they clean our insides as well. The more water you drink, the more you pee and clean out your urinary tract. Water flushes out the bacteria and prevents them from multiplying and creating the UTI.

You can hydrate using a lot of other fluids but avoid those heavy on caffeine as they can irritate your bladder.

2. Eat yogurt

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Yogurt contains healthy bacteria or probiotics that promote the growth of great bacteria in the urinary tract. This bacterium maintains the PH of the vagina and keeps out the bad UTI bacteria.

The bacteria can be obtained from other fermented foods like sauerkraut, kefir, and tempeh. You can also use probiotic supplements if you cannot get the fermented foods. There is a healthy number of probiotics for UTIs available on the market, so you can check online or at the nearest health outlet.

3. Wipe Front to Back

This is typically something many women learn as girls, but in case you did not, when you go to the toilet for a long call or number two, you should wipe from the front to back. When you wipe from the back to front, fecal matter bits can end up in your vagina and cause a bacterial infection that causes a UTI.

This is one of the best ways to create a safe environment for your vagina to thrive and keep off the bad bacteria.

4. Pee Before and After Sex

If you are sexually active, always urinate after sex. Sex, no matter how smooth and slow, causes friction. Foreign particles enter your vagina, which is very close to your urinary tract. Rough sex and sex when the vagina is not well lubricated can set precedence for a UTI. When you urinate after sex, urine flashes out the foreign bacteria and reduces the chances of you contracting a UTI. If you can, clean your genitals before sex, especially if you have just met or you have been outside the whole day.

5. Keep Off of the Scents

Lactobacilli is the name of some of the bacteria that keep the vagina healthy thanks to a balanced PH. If you use scented products to clean your genitalia, you can upset the PH balance and foster growth for UTI and candidiasis behavior.

Have you noticed on consistent thing about these tips? Hygiene. Maintain high standards of hygiene and eat healthy to reduce the chances of contracting a urinary tract infection.

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